South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Cookworthy Cup 2013-14

The Cookworthy Cup is an knockout competition for members of the South Hams Chess Club. It is an ECF graded competition. The rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Quickplay finish.

Members should let Ben Wilkinson know the result of each Cookworthy Cup game that they play, so that Ben can update the competition results and forward them to the ECF grading database.

The draw for the 2013-14 season is set out below. In each round, the player shown against the lighter background has the white pieces, and the player shown against the darker background has the black pieces. A fresh draw is made after each round for pairings and colours - so pairings for future rounds cannot be inferred from the draw for the current round. The final is a two game event, one game with each colour.

Many congratulations to our finalists Dennis Russell and Ben Wilkinson, who share the trophy as they each won one game in the two-game final.

First RoundQuarter-finalsSemi-finalsFinalWinner
Bye Dennis Russell Dennis Russell Dennis Russell Dennis Russell and
Ben Wilkinson
Dennis Russell
Roy Greenhalgh Roy Greenhalgh
Owen Wheatley
Anderson McCammont Anderson McCammont Phil McConnell
Phil McConnell Phil McConnell
James Fowler
Ken Ashby Ken Ashby Ben Wilkinson Ben Wilkinson
Barry Sweetman
Tony Collins Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson
Barclay Best Barclay Best Barclay Best
Miles Fowler Cliff Peach
Cliff Peach


Date Round White Result Black PGN?
07 Nov 2013First RoundFowler, Miles ()0-1Peach, Cliff (106)Submit
14 Nov 2013First RoundMcConnell, Phil (107)1-0Fowler, James (99)View
14 Nov 2013First RoundWheatley, Owen ()0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
28 Nov 2013First RoundAshby, Ken (83)1-0Sweetman, Barry (58)Submit
12 Dec 2013Quarter FinalBest, Barclay (102)1-0Peach, Cliff (106)Submit
12 Dec 2013First RoundCollins, Tony (85)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (123)Submit
16 Jan 2014Quarter FinalRussell, Dennis (110)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
23 Jan 2014Quarter FinalAshby, Ken (83)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (123)Submit
20 Mar 2014Semi FinalRussell, Dennis (110)1-0McConnell, Phil (107)Submit
10 Apr 2014FinalWilkinson, Ben (123)1-0Russell, Dennis (110)Submit
03 Apr 2014FinalRussell, Dennis (110)1-0Wilkinson, Ben (123)Submit
20 Mar 2014Semi FinalWilkinson, Ben (123)1-0Best, Barclay (102)Submit
12 Dec 2013Quarter FinalMcCammont, Anderson ()0-1McConnell, Phil (107)Submit