South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Master Cup

The Master Cup provides an opportunity for club members to play one another in a graded competition on club nights when they are not involved in a match against another club. The rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Quickplay finish.

It is an "all play all" competition, where each member plays each other club member once as white and once as black over the course of the season. If you are looking for an opponent in the Master Cup on any club night, it is a good idea to arrange this in advance; phone numbers and email addresses of club members are available in the Members Area of this website.

Members should let Ben Wilkinson know the result of each Master Cup game that they play, so that Ben can update the competition tables and forward the results to the ECF grading database.


Here is the final leaderboard for the Master Cup. Click on a column heading to sort the table according to that column; click again to reverse the sort order.

The player who chalked up the largest number of points was Barclay Best, with 9 points from 16 games. The player with the highest grading score was Dennis Russell on 118 - Dennis scored 5.5 from 9 games with his opponents' grades averaging 106. However the winner of the competition is the player with the highest percentage, and this was Ben Wilkinson on 77.8% with 7 points from 9 games. Many congratulations to Ben, once more the winner of the Master Cup.

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Pts
Greenhalgh, Roy118134641G1273210112270.88.5
Wilkinson, Ben123162703L97028711477.87.0
Russell, Dennis110214868H833210411256.34.5
McConnell, Phil107285386D622210810850.03.0
Peach, Cliff106116851E72419710557.14.0
Fowler, James99277497F137069510353.87.0
Best, Barclay102233494L16826909656.39.0
Ashby, Ken83181837F11515889250.05.5
Wheatley, Owen295204L3111907550.01.5
Collins, Tony85173334F152310896523.33.5
Sweetman, Barry58285526E500596460.00.0
Fowler, Miles295295G4211464362.52.5
McCammont, Anderson296727D30034100.00.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%Pts
Greenhalgh, Roy1181273210112270.88.5
Wilkinson, Ben12397028711477.87.0
Russell, Dennis110833210411256.34.5
McConnell, Phil107622210810850.03.0
Peach, Cliff10672419710557.14.0
Fowler, James99137069510353.87.0
Best, Barclay10216826909656.39.0
Ashby, Ken8311515889250.05.5
Wheatley, Owen3111907550.01.5
Collins, Tony85152310896523.33.5
Sweetman, Barry58500596460.00.0
Fowler, Miles4211464362.52.5
McCammont, Anderson30034100.00.0


Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the Master Cup for the current season are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

Date White Result Black PGN?
19 Sep 2013Wilkinson, Ben (123)1-0Collins, Tony (85)Submit
19 Sep 2013Peach, Cliff (106)½-½Russell, Dennis (110)Submit
19 Sep 2013Greenhalgh, Roy (118)1-0Fowler, James (99)Submit
26 Sep 2013Fowler, James (99)0-1Peach, Cliff (106)Submit
26 Sep 2013Sweetman, Barry (58)0-1Russell, Dennis (110)Submit
26 Sep 2013Ashby, Ken (83)0-1Collins, Tony (85)Submit
26 Sep 2013Best, Barclay (102)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
03 Oct 2013Fowler, James (99)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (123)Submit
03 Oct 2013Greenhalgh, Roy (118)1-0Russell, Dennis (110)Submit
03 Oct 2013Collins, Tony (85)0-1Wheatley, Owen ()Submit
03 Oct 2013Wheatley, Owen ()½-½Collins, Tony (85)Submit
03 Oct 2013Fowler, Miles ()½-½Ashby, Ken (83)Submit
10 Oct 2013Wheatley, Owen ()0-1Fowler, James (99)Submit
10 Oct 2013Russell, Dennis (110)1-0Best, Barclay (102)Submit
10 Oct 2013Collins, Tony (85)0-1Ashby, Ken (83)Submit
17 Oct 2013Best, Barclay (102)0-1Fowler, James (99)Submit
24 Oct 2013Best, Barclay (102)1-0Sweetman, Barry (58)Submit
24 Oct 2013Wilkinson, Ben (123)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (118)View
24 Oct 2013Fowler, Miles ()1-0McCammont, Anderson ()Submit
31 Oct 2013Wilkinson, Ben (123)1-0McConnell, Phil (107)View
31 Oct 2013Peach, Cliff (106)½-½Best, Barclay (102)Submit
31 Oct 2013Collins, Tony (85)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
07 Nov 2013Greenhalgh, Roy (118)1-0Ashby, Ken (83)Submit
14 Nov 2013Collins, Tony (85)1-0Sweetman, Barry (58)Submit
14 Nov 2013Best, Barclay (102)1-0Fowler, Miles ()Submit
21 Nov 2013McConnell, Phil (107)½-½Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
21 Nov 2013Wilkinson, Ben (123)0-1Best, Barclay (102)Submit
28 Nov 2013Fowler, Miles ()1-0McCammont, Anderson ()Submit
28 Nov 2013Russell, Dennis (110)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
28 Nov 2013Fowler, James (99)1-0Best, Barclay (102)Submit
05 Dec 2013McConnell, Phil (107)½-½Russell, Dennis (110)Submit
05 Dec 2013Sweetman, Barry (58)0-1Best, Barclay (102)Submit
05 Dec 2013Fowler, James (99)0-1Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
09 Jan 2014Best, Barclay (102)1-0Collins, Tony (85)Submit
09 Jan 2014Ashby, Ken (83)1-0Fowler, James (99)Submit
16 Jan 2014Wilkinson, Ben (123)1-0McCammont, Anderson ()Submit
16 Jan 2014Peach, Cliff (106)0-1Fowler, James (99)Submit
23 Jan 2014Fowler, James (99)1-0Collins, Tony (85)Submit
23 Jan 2014Russell, Dennis (110)1-0McConnell, Phil (107)Submit
06 Feb 2014Greenhalgh, Roy (118)1-0Ashby, Ken (83)Submit
06 Feb 2014Collins, Tony (85)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (123)Submit
27 Feb 2014Collins, Tony (85)0-1Best, Barclay (102)Submit
13 Mar 2014Wilkinson, Ben (123)0-1Fowler, James (99)Submit
13 Mar 2014Collins, Tony (85)½-½Peach, Cliff (106)Submit
13 Mar 2014Russell, Dennis (110)½-½Greenhalgh, Roy (118)Submit
13 Mar 2014Best, Barclay (102)0-1Ashby, Ken (83)Submit
20 Mar 2014Fowler, James (99)1-0Ashby, Ken (83)Submit
20 Mar 2014Ashby, Ken (83)0-1Best, Barclay (102)Submit
03 Apr 2014Ashby, Ken (83)1-0Sweetman, Barry (58)Submit
03 Apr 2014McConnell, Phil (107)1-0Collins, Tony (85)Submit
03 Apr 2014Greenhalgh, Roy (118)½-½Best, Barclay (102)Submit
10 Apr 2014Peach, Cliff (106)½-½Collins, Tony (85)Submit
10 Apr 2014McConnell, Phil (107)1-0Best, Barclay (102)Submit
10 Apr 2014Ashby, Ken (83)1-0Fowler, James (99)Submit
17 Apr 2014Collins, Tony (85)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (123)Submit
17 Apr 2014Best, Barclay (102)0-1Peach, Cliff (106)Submit