South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Cookworthy Cup 2014-15

In the 2014-15 Cookworthy Cup, seven palyers will enter the quarter finals automatically by virtue of their grades; there will be a preliminary competition to determine the eighth quarter-finalist.

Preliminary Competition

Here is the draw for the preliminary competition. A player whose name has a dark background will have Black; the two finalists will toss for colours.

Tony Collins Tony Collins Tony Collins Ken Ashby
Anderson McCammont Anderson McCammont
Derek Drake
Barry Sweetman Barry Sweetman Ken Ashby
Ken Ashby Ken Ashby

Main Competition

Here is the draw for the main competition. In the Quarter Finals, a player whose name has a dark background will have Black; in the Semi-Finals players will toss for colours. The two-game Final is scheduled to take place on two Thursdays in March/April 2015.

Barclay Best Barclay Best Barclay Best Cup shared after both finalists won with the white pieces
Phil McConnell
Clifford Peach*** Clifford Peach
Dennis Russell***
Roy Greenhalgh James Fowler James Fowler
James Fowler
Prelim Winner (Ken) Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson

*** Dennis Russell lost by default.

Congratulations to James Fowler and Barclay Best, each of whom won with the white pieces in the final. Rather than have a play-off, with Cliff's approval they agreed to share the trophy.

Pre-Arranged Games

Any Cookworthy Cup games which have been pre-arranged but not yet played are set out below. If you are logged in as a member you can record on this website a game that you have pre-aranged by clicking here.

Ref Date Player 1 Player 2
15412018-04-26Ashby, KenWilkinson, Ben

Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the Cookworthy Cup for the current season are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

Date White Result Black PGN?
06 Nov 2014Greenhalgh, Roy (97)½-½Fowler, James (105)Submit
13 Nov 2014Best, Barclay (90)1-0McConnell, Phil (102)View
13 Nov 2014Fowler, James (105)1-0Greenhalgh, Roy (97)Submit
13 Nov 2014Drake, Derek ()0-1McCammont, Anderson ()View
20 Nov 2014Collins, Tony (78)1-0McCammont, Anderson ()Submit
08 Jan 2015Peach, Cliff (110)½-½Russell, Dennis (112)Submit
15 Jan 2015Collins, Tony (78)0-1Ashby, Ken (83)View
22 Jan 2015Ashby, Ken (83)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (129)View
19 Mar 2015Best, Barclay (90)1-0Peach, Cliff (110)View
19 Mar 2015Fowler, James (105)1-0Wilkinson, Ben (129)View
09 Apr 2015Fowler, James (105)1-0Best, Barclay (90)Submit
16 Apr 2015Best, Barclay (90)1-0Fowler, James (105)View