South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

The Summer Season 2014-15

The club will remain open during the summer season. Games played over the summer will be ungraded, and players may choose whether to play formally or informally, with our without clocks, and what time controls to use if "with clocks".

Pre-Arranged Games

Members are strongly advised to pre-arrange their Summer Season games, as it is inevitable that the number of members attending will fluctuate due to holidays and other commitments.

Any Summer Season games which have been pre-arranged but not yet played are set out below. If you are logged in as a member you can record on this website a game that you have pre-aranged by clicking here.

Graded Games During the 2015 Summer Season

For the record, here are the results to-date of games played during the Summner season which the players opted to be graded. There are, of course, also many "friendlies" which were not gradable.

14 May 2015Archer, David (90)1-0Wilkinson, Ben (131)
21 May 2015McConnell, Phil (110)0-1Ashby, Ken (85)
18 Jun 2015Ashby, Ken (85)½-½McConnell, Phil (110)
18 Jun 2015Cockerton, Mark (111)½-½Wilkinson, Ben (131)
02 Jul 2015McConnell, Phil (115)1-0Cockerton, Mark (117)
02 Jul 2015Ashby, Ken (85)½-½Fowler, James (104)
09 Jul 2015Wilkinson, Ben (124)1-0Ashby, Ken (98)
09 Jul 2015Cockerton, Mark (117)0-1McConnell, Phil (115)
23 Jul 2015McConnell, Phil (115)1-0Ashby, Ken (98)
30 Jul 2015Fowler, James (104)½-½Ashby, Ken (98)
06 Aug 2015Ashby, Ken (98)½-½Cockerton, Mark (117)
13 Aug 2015Cockerton, Mark (117)1-0Ashby, Ken (98)
20 Aug 2015Wilkinson, Ben (124)1-0Drake, Derek (15)
27 Aug 2015Fowler, James (104)1-0Ashby, Ken (98)