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South Hams Chess Club

Torbay and District Chess League Division 4

South Hams Chess Club fields a team in Division 1 of the Torbay and District Chess League. This entails home and away matches against Newton Abbot, Plymouth and Teignmouth. Games played in the TDCL are submitted to the ECF grading database.

In this division, teams consist of four players, the maximum team grade is Under 420, and the maximum individual grade is 120.  The rate of play is 35 moves in 75 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Quickplay finish.  The away team has white on the odd-numbered boards.

Please visit the Torbay and District Chess League web page for further information on Division 1, and our fixtures and results page for the team's fixtures for the current season.

Individual Player Statistics

Here are the current player statistics for South Hams players in Division 4 during the 2016-17 season:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
Greenhalgh, Roy111134641G43019812375.03.0
Zaffiro, Zak83304561E110067117100.01.0
Zaffiro, Oliver65304562G110053103100.01.0
Willcox, Chris114308555H311110210250.01.5
Belli, John72300901E6402739066.74.0
Davies, Alan110304962A6222838550.03.0
Fowler, James105277497F1010767650.00.5
Ashby, Ken93181837F2101636350.01.0

Overall Team Statistics

Matches Played:6
Matches Won:4
Matches Drawn:1
Matches Lost:1
Match Points:9
Average South Hams Team Grade:386.2
Average Opponents Team Grade:325.5

TDCL Division 4: South Hams v Teignmouth 6 Oct 2016

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Teignmouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Davies, Alan B 110 304962A ½-½ Webster, Alan W 82 275966E View
2 Belli, John W 72 300901E 1-0 White, Michael B 76 292251E View
3 Zaffiro, Zak B 83 304561E 1-0 Moorhouse, Anthony W 67 301058C Submit
4 Zaffiro, Oliver W 65 304562G 1-0 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth B 53 302195G Submit
Overall Match3303½-½278
Bd South Hams Grade Res Teignmouth Grade PGN
1 Davies, Alan 110 ½-½ Webster, Alan 82 View
2 Belli, John 72 1-0 White, Michael 76 View
3 Zaffiro, Zak 83 1-0 Moorhouse, Anthony 67 Submit
4 Zaffiro, Oliver 65 1-0 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth 53 Submit
Overall Match3303½-½278

Match Report

Author:  John Belli

Date:  7 Oct 2016

Twins triumph to defeat Teignmouth

The newly formed 4th team of South Hams Chess Club; including the young Zaffiro twins, opened their league programme with an encouraging win over Teignmouth by 3 ½ to ½.

Alan Davies on Board 1, after an even opening, managed to go two pawns up by a rook and pawn ending, but had to settle for a draw when his opponent clawed back the advantage.

On Board 2 John Belli quickly went a pawn up in a closed Ruy Lopez opening and then was allowed to advance his central pawns finalising in a rook and pawn checkmate.

Board 3 saw the performance of the match when Zak Zaffiro handled his game very efficiently , slowly gaining an advantage which ground down his opponent and culminated in a mating attack.

Oliver Zaffiro on Board 4 in an open game, swopped off a rook for two minor pieces was brought back to near parity, but dug in and was happily progressing to queen his rook pawn when a series of nasty checks by his opponent nearly scuppered his plan. His opponent then blundered to hand back the initiative to Oliver and quickly resigned.

TDCL Division 4: South Hams v Newton Abbot 24 Nov 2016

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Newton Abbot Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G 1-0 Hussey, Michael W 101 277498H Submit
2 Davies, Alan W 110 304962A 0-1 Lockett, Bracken B 73 294486J View
3 Ashby, Ken B 93 181837F 1-0 O'Donoghue, Toby W 59 276896D View
4 Belli, John W 72 300901E 1-0 McMullen, Evan B 60 303107L View
Overall Match3863-1293
Bd South Hams Grade Res Newton Abbot Grade PGN
1 Greenhalgh, Roy 111 1-0 Hussey, Michael 101 Submit
2 Davies, Alan 110 0-1 Lockett, Bracken 73 View
3 Ashby, Ken 93 1-0 O'Donoghue, Toby 59 View
4 Belli, John 72 1-0 McMullen, Evan 60 View
Overall Match3863-1293

Match Report

Author:  John Belli

Date:  25 Nov 2016

None of the youngsters were available for this match courtesy of a swimming gala so I was forced to rely on some of our "reserves" in the guise of Roy and Ken to come to our rescue and that they did in spades.

Roy on Board 1 after a very successful Torbay Congress gave a polished performance working his way back into the game after a slow start. Once he had the initiative he ruthlessly made sure there was no way back for his opponent.

Alan, our normal Board 1, also returning on the back of a successful Torbay Congress was well on his way to victory, two pawns up against an opponent he had beaten at the Congress, made an unfortunate blunder and was forced to resign.

Ken on Board 3 gave another professional methodical performance, never allowing his opponent into the game and quickly finishing the game off just after the tea interval.

On Board 4 struggling with confidence I managed to hold things equal until my opponent went for a combination that left him rook v bishop and knight. My connected pawns in the middle of the board were edging towards queening when he blundered leaving his king and rook in a fork from the bishop and resigned immediately.

Many thanks to Roy, Alan and Ken for your support. It was also good to see Newton Abbot blood their youngsters.

TDCL Division 4: Plymouth v South Hams 16 Jan 2017

Bd Plymouth Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Crickmore, Alan B 110 109081B 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy W 111 134641G Submit
2 Tatam, Tony W 107 134693D 1-0 Davies, Alan B 110 304962A View
3 Peach, Cliff B 96 116851E 0-1 Willcox, Chris W 114 308555H View
4 Parkinson, Warren W 95E 307056G 1-0 Belli, John B 72 300901E Submit
Overall Match4082-2407
Bd Plymouth Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Crickmore, Alan 110 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy 111 Submit
2 Tatam, Tony 107 1-0 Davies, Alan 110 View
3 Peach, Cliff 96 0-1 Willcox, Chris 114 View
4 Parkinson, Warren 95E 1-0 Belli, John 72 Submit
Overall Match4082-2407

Match Report

Author:  Phil McConnell

Date:  5 May 2017

South Hams managed to gain a draw in a hard fought match with their higher graded opponents.

Roy on Board 1 was the first to finish cleverly trapping his opponents Queen in front of her king. Done and dusted and well before tea!
Brilliant play by Roy.

Next to finish was Alan on Board 2. He held the upper hand in the opening but his advantage slipped away and Tony Tatum fought back to equal matters in the match.

John on Board 4 was out of salts and against a very capable opponent who is on 91/2 out of 10 in his local Plymouth division.
Despite fighting a lost cause from around move 15 he doggedly continued; because of the match position, but finally resigned on move 42 a rook down.

On Board 3 Chris was the last to finish grinding out a rook and pawn ending win, in fine style against one Clifford Peach!
Chris had left his clock running during the tea break and indeed on a number of moves later, but his two passed pawns
supported by a rook gave Cliff; his unexpected opponent, no chance to prevent Queening.

So thanks to everyone for their participation and for contributing in maintaining the Division 4 teams unbeaten record to date against a strong Plymouth team and some truly outstanding play from Roy and Chris.
Brilliant teamwork for South Hams Fourth Division team and squad and a cavalier attitude. One might be tempted to say

TDCL Division 4: Teignmouth v South Hams 7 Feb 2017

Bd Teignmouth Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Webster, Alan B 82 275966E 0-1 Davies, Alan W 110 304962A View
2 White, Michael W 76 292251E ½-½ Fowler, James B 105 277497F Submit
3 Moorhouse, Anthony B 67 301058C 1-0 Ashby, Ken W 93 181837F Submit
4 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth W 53 302195G 0-1 Belli, John B 72 300901E Submit
Overall Match2781½-2½380
Bd Teignmouth Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Webster, Alan 82 0-1 Davies, Alan 110 View
2 White, Michael 76 ½-½ Fowler, James 105 Submit
3 Moorhouse, Anthony 67 1-0 Ashby, Ken 93 Submit
4 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth 53 0-1 Belli, John 72 Submit
Overall Match2781½-2½380

Match Report

Author:  John Belli

Date:  8 Feb 2017

An attritional victory against a determined Teignmouth team, with similarities to World War 1 trench warfare!

On Board 1 Alan kept his composure going into a Queen Knight and pawns v Queen and pawns ending, eventually queening a pawn after surviving a bombardment of checks and making life harder by not pressing his clock on occasion. But a well fought win.

On Board 2 Pauline described the opening as "old school". He went 2 pawns up but had a sterile bishop! When it got down to the ending both players managed to promote pawns and a draw was agreed in no mans land.

On Board 3 Ken indicated he did not play well. wrote "He made the right moves, I didn't! A bad knight destroyed my early favourable position." The Homan tag seemed to weigh heavily on poor Ken! His opponent went two pawns up in an early counter attack and grimly held his position.

On Board 4 John made an error in the opening which prevented his own king from castling, so he tried a charge of the light brigade of pawns from both king and queen side. His opponent had a dangerous attack mounted against a semi exposed king but miscalculated, lost a knight , eventually went a rook down and resigned as two rooks configured a mate.

Thanks again to Alan, James and Ken for travelling and working so hard to maintain the Bandito's unbeaten streak.

TDCL Division 4: Newton Abbot v South Hams 16 Mar 2017

Bd Newton Abbot Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Hussey, Michael B 101 277498H 1-0 Willcox, Chris W 114 308555H Submit
2 Glasson, Luke W 74 300442K 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G Submit
3 Kashap, Prabhu B 55 308830D 0-1 Davies, Alan W 110 304962A View
4 O'Donoghue, Toby W 59 276896D 0-1 Belli, John B 72 300901E View
Overall Match2891-3407
Bd Newton Abbot Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Hussey, Michael 101 1-0 Willcox, Chris 114 Submit
2 Glasson, Luke 74 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy 111 Submit
3 Kashap, Prabhu 55 0-1 Davies, Alan 110 View
4 O'Donoghue, Toby 59 0-1 Belli, John 72 View
Overall Match2891-3407

Match Report

Author:  John Belli

Date:  17 Mar 2017

“Belli’s Bandito’s” managed to overcome a spirited Newton Abbot side who once again gave youth a chance and pushed hard in every game though they were outgraded on very board.

On Board one Chris ran into an inspired Mike Hussey who went a pawn then a bishop up and though Chris swapped off most pieces, Mike combined his rook and bishop to good effect against Chris’s rook to shepherd a pawn home.

On Board two Roy withstood an early enterprising and vicious attack and countered with a pawn push that found out his young opponent who found himself on a counter attack that ended in a mate.

Board three saw Alan gain a pawn and a superior pawn structure before capturing a knight and swopping off with a vastly superior ending. His opponent plugged on hoping Alan would not make the time control at move 35. (Alan was down to one minute). When Alan made the time control his opponent quickly resigned.

On Board 4, my opponent Toby went for an attacking game but after a sticky and sluggish start I managed to grab a pawn hold the position. When he overstretched, advancing his king, I trapped his knight which he saved only to find himself in a fork which got even worse as it ended up in checkmate.

A decent victory for the team, which keeps the unbeaten run going, but big game against a strong Plymouth side next Thursday will be the decider.

My thanks to Chris, Roy and Alan for travelling to Newton Abbot and displaying their undoubted skills. Also thanks must go to Newton Abbot for their warm hospitality.

TDCL Division 4: South Hams v Plymouth 23 Mar 2017

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Plymouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G 0-1 Lochhead, Philip W 106 269885H Submit
2 Willcox, Chris W 114 308555H ½-½ Crickmore, Alan B 110 109081B Submit
3 Davies, Alan B 110 304962A ½-½ Peach, Cliff W 96 116851E View
4 Belli, John W 72 300901E 0-1 Scantlebury, Derek B 95 191043H Submit
Overall Match4071-3407
Bd South Hams Grade Res Plymouth Grade PGN
1 Greenhalgh, Roy 111 0-1 Lochhead, Philip 106 Submit
2 Willcox, Chris 114 ½-½ Crickmore, Alan 110 Submit
3 Davies, Alan 110 ½-½ Peach, Cliff 96 View
4 Belli, John 72 0-1 Scantlebury, Derek 95 Submit
Overall Match4071-3407

Match Report

Author:  John Belli

Date:  27 Mar 2017

“Belli’s Bandito’s” were gunned down by Plymouth in this top of the table shoot out at the Regal corral.
Plymouth fielded a strong team but were slightly outgraded on all top three boards. However the pressure of playing at home; rather like Newcastle United, seemed to tell and the team who has played better.
On Board one Roy played a very tricky opponent who refused a draw and then gained a pawn and despite numerous attempts to not only draw but take the initiative to win, Roy went down fighting and was the last man standing.
On Board two Chris felt he had an inferior position early on “almost a pawn down” and despite efforts to gain an initiative took a draw when offered.
Board three saw Alan was almost sent to sleep by his well known to us renegade opponent who managed to create a stagnated game which was only ever going to be a draw. Alan kept on trying to open up the game but agreed a draw when there really was no alternative.
On Board 4, I unfortunately thought we were playing with increments and was quite happy to take my time early on and used up most of my time before I learned the truth! Derek my opponent played python like chess slowly strangling my efforts to open up the position and then when I touched and subsequently moved my king in error; having calculated a rook exchange in a fairly even position, my opponent took the rook and went on to close out the game.
A disappointing result overall and I was very unhappy with my personal stupidity. Plymouth have two to play and are now odds on favourites to take the title.
My thanks to Chris, Roy and Alan for once again being great team players and showing their prowess on behalf of the club once again. Well done to Plymouth on two fine victories over us. They left the club on Thursday happy and somewhat surprised they had managed to win.