South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Torbay and District Chess League Division 4

South Hams Chess Club fields a team in Division 4 of the Torbay and District Chess League.  This entails home and away matches against Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Teignmouth and Torquay Boys' Grammar School. Games played in the TDCL are submitted to the ECF grading database.

In this division, teams consist of four players, and the maximum team grade is Under 480.  The rate of play is 60 minutes plus 30 seconds per move (starting from move 1).  The away team has white on the odd-numbered boards.

Please visit the Torbay and District Chess League web page for the latest team standings, and our fixtures and results page for the club's full list of fixtures in the current season.

Fixtures and Results

You can apply a filter to the fixtures by typing into the Filter box. For example, if you type Ply then only the fixtures against Plymouth will be displayed.

Click on a match score to view the game results for the match concerned. If the word "Report" appears against a particular match, then when you view the game results you will also see the match report.

DateCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
23 Nov 2017Div4South HamsPlymouthL1-3Report
30 Nov 2017Div4Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1½-2½
10 Jan 2018Div4Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsL2½-1½
06 Feb 2018Div4TeignmouthSouth HamsW1-3
15 Feb 2018Div4South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1
29 Mar 2018Div4South HamsTeignmouthW3-1
18 Apr 2018Div4PlymouthSouth Hams
03 May 2018Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar School
DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
Thursday23 Nov 2017TDCL Division 4Div4South HamsPlymouthL1-3Report
Thursday30 Nov 2017TDCL Division 4Div4Newton AbbotSouth HamsW1½-2½
Wednesday10 Jan 2018TDCL Division 4Div4Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth HamsL2½-1½
Tuesday06 Feb 2018TDCL Division 4Div4TeignmouthSouth HamsW1-3
Thursday15 Feb 2018TDCL Division 4Div4South HamsNewton AbbotW3-1
Thursday29 Mar 2018TDCL Division 4Div4South HamsTeignmouthW3-1
Wednesday18 Apr 2018TDCL Division 4Div4PlymouthSouth Hams
Thursday03 May 2018TDCL Division 4Div4South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar School

Individual Player Statistics

Here are the final player statistics for South Hams players in Division 4 during the 2017-18 season:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
Russell, Dennis118214868H211011313875.01.5
Fowler, James86277497F220082132100.02.0
Greenhalgh, Roy114134641G32108212383.32.5
Davies, Alan92304962A54107411690.04.5
Zaffiro, Oliver63304562G110050100100.01.0
Ashby, Ken97181837F4211748762.52.5
Savage, Jim88309192C1001104540.00.0
Belli, John76300901E100194440.00.0
Thomas, Richard70313010B100168180.00.0
Collins, Tony77173334F200268180.00.0
, 0000000.00.0
Sweetman, Barry76285526E10015000.00.0

Overall Team Statistics

Matches Played:6
Matches Won:4
Matches Drawn:0
Matches Lost:2
Match Points:8
Average South Hams Team Grade:354
Average Opponents Team Grade:310.7

TDCL Division 4: South Hams v Plymouth 23 Nov 2017

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Plymouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Russell, Dennis B 118 214868H ½-½ Tatam, Anthony W 114 134693D Submit
2 Davies, Alan W 92 304962A ½-½ Proudfoot, Andy B 106 117499L View
3 Savage, Jim B 88 309192C 0-1 Mill-Wilson, Graham W 104 161236A Submit
4 Belli, John W 76 300901E 0-1 Scantlebury, Derek B 94 191043H View
Overall Match3741-3418
Bd South Hams Grade Res Plymouth Grade PGN
1 Russell, Dennis 118 ½-½ Tatam, Anthony 114 Submit
2 Davies, Alan 92 ½-½ Proudfoot, Andy 106 View
3 Savage, Jim 88 0-1 Mill-Wilson, Graham 104 Submit
4 Belli, John 76 0-1 Scantlebury, Derek 94 View
Overall Match3741-3418

Match Report

Author:  Phil McConnell

Date:  27 Nov 2017

On Board 1 Dennis was up against an old adversary Tony Tatam. Dennis was unable to find a weakness in Tony’s solid Queen’s Pawn opening and a draw was agreed.

Alan playing White on Board 2 had an interesting positional battle after an early exchange of Queens in the London system. He was a pawn down in the middle game but had better piece development. However neither player was able to capitalize and another draw was agreed.

Jim made his Div.4 debut on Board 3 but unfortunately whilst trying to defend a pawn let his opponent’s knight free to rampage on his back ranks with fatal consequences.

John playing White on Board 4 had a very strong position early in the opening after his opponent blundered. Keeping up the pressure throughout the middle game he had a potential checkmate in 7 at Move 30. However the opportunity was missed and the advantage slipped away, John ultimately losing following what he called “a self-inflicted fatal move”.

TDCL Division 4: Newton Abbot v South Hams 30 Nov 2017

Bd Newton Abbot Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Hussey, Michael B 111 277498H 0-1 Russell, Dennis W 118 214868H Submit
2 McMullen, Evan W 90 303107L ½-½ Ashby, Ken B 97 181837F View
3 Kashap, Prabu B 74 308830D 0-1 Davies, Alan W 92 304962A View
4 Raine, Kieran W 68 309298H 1-0 Thomas, Richard B 70 313010B Submit
Overall Match3431½-2½377
Bd Newton Abbot Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Hussey, Michael 111 0-1 Russell, Dennis 118 Submit
2 McMullen, Evan 90 ½-½ Ashby, Ken 97 View
3 Kashap, Prabu 74 0-1 Davies, Alan 92 View
4 Raine, Kieran 68 1-0 Thomas, Richard 70 Submit
Overall Match3431½-2½377

TDCL Division 4: Torquay Boys Grammar School v South Hams 10 Jan 2018

Bd Torquay Boys Grammar School Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Blackhurst, Jacob B 51 295618E ½-½ Greenhalgh, Roy W 113 134641G Submit
2 Cash, Zak W 55 311711L 1-0 Ashby, Ken B 97 181837F Submit
3 Gibbs, James B 40 309143A 0-1 Davies, Alan W 92 304962A Submit
4 Lewis, Tom W 50 313743A 1-0 Sweetman, Barry B 76 285526E Submit
Overall Match1962½-1½378
Bd Torquay Boys Grammar School Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Blackhurst, Jacob 51 ½-½ Greenhalgh, Roy 113 Submit
2 Cash, Zak 55 1-0 Ashby, Ken 97 Submit
3 Gibbs, James 40 0-1 Davies, Alan 92 Submit
4 Lewis, Tom 50 1-0 Sweetman, Barry 76 Submit
Overall Match1962½-1½378

TDCL Division 4: Teignmouth v South Hams 6 Feb 2018

Bd Teignmouth Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Webster, Alan B 84 275966E 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy W 114 134641G Submit
2 White, Michael W 67 292251E 0-1 Ashby, Ken B 97 181837F Submit
3 Moorhouse, Anthony B 65 301058C 0-1 Davies, Alan W 92 304962A Submit
4 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth W 64 302195G D-1 , B Submit
Overall Match2801-3303
Bd Teignmouth Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Webster, Alan 84 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy 114 Submit
2 White, Michael 67 0-1 Ashby, Ken 97 Submit
3 Moorhouse, Anthony 65 0-1 Davies, Alan 92 Submit
4 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth 64 D-1 , Submit
Overall Match2801-3303

TDCL Division 4: South Hams v Newton Abbot 15 Feb 2018

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Newton Abbot Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Greenhalgh, Roy B 114 134641G 1-0 Hussey, Mike W 111 277498H Submit
2 Fowler, James W 86 277497F 1-0 Corbett, Jake B 97 302589F View
3 Collins, Tony B 77 173334F 0-1 Miller, Paul W 70 312944F Submit
4 Zaffiro, Oliver W 63 304562G 1-0 Narayanan, Subramanian B 50 314776K Submit
Overall Match3403-1328
Bd South Hams Grade Res Newton Abbot Grade PGN
1 Greenhalgh, Roy 114 1-0 Hussey, Mike 111 Submit
2 Fowler, James 86 1-0 Corbett, Jake 97 View
3 Collins, Tony 77 0-1 Miller, Paul 70 Submit
4 Zaffiro, Oliver 63 1-0 Narayanan, Subramanian 50 Submit
Overall Match3403-1328

TDCL Division 4: South Hams v Teignmouth 29 Mar 2018

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Teignmouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Ashby, Ken B 97 181837F 1-0 Webster, Alan W 84 275966E View
2 Davies, Alan W 92 304962A 1-0 Chubb, Ray B 83 155610B Submit
3 Fowler, James B 86 277497F 1-0 White, Michael W 67 292251E Submit
4 Collins, Tony W 77 173334F 0-1 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth B 65 302195G Submit
Overall Match3523-1299
Bd South Hams Grade Res Teignmouth Grade PGN
1 Ashby, Ken 97 1-0 Webster, Alan 84 View
2 Davies, Alan 92 1-0 Chubb, Ray 83 Submit
3 Fowler, James 86 1-0 White, Michael 67 Submit
4 Collins, Tony 77 0-1 Hayden-Sadler, Kenneth 65 Submit
Overall Match3523-1299