South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Summer League 2019

The Club continues to meet throughout the summer. A friendly "40/40" competition is being played: two games against the same player in an evening, wioth 40 minutes on the clocks (no increments). After the first game there is a tea break; then the same opponents play again with colours reversed. There are no pre-arranged games - just turn up on the night.

This summer, we are pleased to have Paul Brooks (Newton Abbot) as our guest.

Current Results Matrix

Levy, Steve190-1-1½½-½11-11-1---1-11-10-1--1-11815½
McConnell, Phil124-1-1--1-11-11-1-½-½1-1-1-0--1412
Fowler, James1040-00-01-0½-01-11-111-11-------16
Dickinson, Steve160½0-½½-1-00-0-½-1--1-1-----126
Schofield, James1390-0-1-½1-11-1----½-0----106
Hurt, Trevor840-00-00-0-0-00-11-10-1------144
Ashby, Ken99-0-00-00-½-0-11-01-00-0-----14
Thomas, Richard67-0-000-00--0-01-00-½----1-1-14
Davies, Alan105-----0-11-0½-1------6
Peach, Cliff1070-0½-½-0-0--1-1-------83
Brooks, Paul1650-00-0--1-½---------6
Archer, David1670-1-------------21
Doble, Arthur91-1-0------------21
Sweetman, Barry62-------0-0------20
Wilkinson, Ben1320-0-------------20
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes.

Current Leaderboard

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts
Levy, Steve190134450L18143113519186.1015.5
Archer, David167300734A210119019050.001.0
Schofield, James139310014F1052314115260.006.0
Dickinson, Steve160322864C1244413814750.006.0
McConnell, Phil124285386D14112110314185.7012.0
Brooks, Paul165215149C611415212725.001.5
Doble, Arthur91315610C210112412450.001.0
Wilkinson, Ben132162703L20021901220.000.0
Fowler, James104277497F1691611511759.409.5
Peach, Cliff107116851E822414211537.503.0
Davies, Alan105304962A6312839258.303.5
Hurt, Trevor84316056H1440101178428.604.0
Ashby, Ken99181837F1431101098125.003.5
Thomas, Richard67313010B143110966925.003.5
Sweetman, Barry62285526E200275250.000.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
Levy, Steve19018143113519186.1015.5
Archer, David167210119019050.001.0
Schofield, James1391052314115260.006.0
Dickinson, Steve1601244413814750.006.0
McConnell, Phil12414112110314185.7012.0
Brooks, Paul165611415212725.001.5
Doble, Arthur91210112412450.001.0
Wilkinson, Ben13220021901220.000.0
Fowler, James1041691611511759.409.5
Peach, Cliff107822414211537.503.0
Davies, Alan1056312839258.303.5
Hurt, Trevor841440101178428.604.0
Ashby, Ken991431101098125.003.5
Thomas, Richard67143110966925.003.5
Sweetman, Barry62200275250.000.0

Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the 2019 Summer League are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

Date White Result Black PGN?
13 Jun 2019Thomas, Richard (75)1-0Sweetman, Barry (62)Submit
13 Jun 2019Sweetman, Barry (62)0-1Thomas, Richard (75)Submit
13 Jun 2019McConnell, Phil (118)1-0Hurt, Trevor (85)Submit
13 Jun 2019Hurt, Trevor (85)0-1McConnell, Phil (118)Submit
13 Jun 2019Levy, Steve (190)1-0Schofield, James (141)Submit
13 Jun 2019Schofield, James (141)0-1Levy, Steve (190)Submit
13 Jun 2019Peach, Cliff (109)1-0Ashby, Ken (92)Submit
13 Jun 2019Ashby, Ken (92)0-1Peach, Cliff (109)Submit
20 Jun 2019Ashby, Ken (92)1-0Thomas, Richard (75)Submit
20 Jun 2019Thomas, Richard (75)1-0Ashby, Ken (92)Submit
20 Jun 2019Archer, David (167)0-1Levy, Steve (190)Submit
20 Jun 2019Levy, Steve (190)0-1Archer, David (167)Submit
20 Jun 2019McConnell, Phil (118)1-0Fowler, James (110)Submit
20 Jun 2019Fowler, James (110)0-1McConnell, Phil (118)Submit
20 Jun 2019Brooks, Paul (165)1-0Schofield, James (141)Submit
20 Jun 2019Schofield, James (141)½-½Brooks, Paul (165)Submit
04 Jul 2019Levy, Steve (190)1-0Brooks, Paul (160)Submit
04 Jul 2019Brooks, Paul (160)0-1Levy, Steve (190)Submit
04 Jul 2019Schofield, James (139)1-0Hurt, Trevor (84)Submit
04 Jul 2019Hurt, Trevor (84)0-1Schofield, James (139)Submit
04 Jul 2019McConnell, Phil (124)1-0Ashby, Ken (99)Submit
04 Jul 2019Ashby, Ken (99)0-1McConnell, Phil (124)Submit
04 Jul 2019Fowler, James (104)1-0Dickinson, Steve (160)Submit
04 Jul 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)1-0Fowler, James (104)Submit
11 Jul 2019Fowler, James (105)1-0Ashby, Ken (93)Submit
11 Jul 2019Ashby, Ken (99)0-1Fowler, James (104)Submit
11 Jul 2019Hurt, Trevor (84)1-0Thomas, Richard (67)Submit
11 Jul 2019Thomas, Richard (67)0-1Hurt, Trevor (84)Submit
11 Jul 2019Levy, Steve (190)½-½Dickinson, Steve (160)Submit
11 Jul 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)½-½Levy, Steve (190)Submit
11 Jul 2019McConnell, Phil (124)1-0Brooks, Paul (160)Submit
11 Jul 2019Brooks, Paul (160)0-1McConnell, Phil (124)Submit
18 Jul 2019Doble, Arthur (91)1-0McConnell, Phil (124)Submit
18 Jul 2019Schofield, James (139)1-0Fowler, James (104)Submit
18 Jul 2019Hurt, Trevor (84)0-1Ashby, Ken (99)Submit
18 Jul 2019Levy, Steve (190)1-0Peach, Cliff (107)View
18 Jul 2019Ashby, Ken (99)0-1Hurt, Trevor (84)Submit
18 Jul 2019Fowler, James (104)½-½Schofield, James (139)Submit
18 Jul 2019Peach, Cliff (107)0-1Levy, Steve (190)View
18 Jul 2019McConnell, Phil (124)1-0Doble, Arthur (91)Submit
25 Jul 2019Levy, Steve (190)1-0Hurt, Trevor (84)View
25 Jul 2019Hurt, Trevor (84)0-1Levy, Steve (190)View
25 Jul 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)1-0Peach, Cliff (107)Submit
25 Jul 2019Peach, Cliff (107)0-1Dickinson, Steve (160)Submit
25 Jul 2019Fowler, James (104)1-0Thomas, Richard (67)Submit
25 Jul 2019Thomas, Richard (67)0-1Fowler, James (104)Submit
01 Aug 2019Peach, Cliff (107)½-½McConnell, Phil (124)Submit
01 Aug 2019Levy, Steve (190)1-0Fowler, James (104)View
01 Aug 2019Davies, Alan (105)½-½Thomas, Richard (67)View
01 Aug 2019Ashby, Ken (99)0-1Dickinson, Steve (160)Submit
01 Aug 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)½-½Ashby, Ken (99)Submit
01 Aug 2019Fowler, James (104)0-1Levy, Steve (190)View
01 Aug 2019Thomas, Richard (67)0-1Davies, Alan (105)View
01 Aug 2019McConnell, Phil (124)½-½Peach, Cliff (107)Submit
08 Aug 2019Davies, Alan (105)0-1Hurt, Trevor (84)View
08 Aug 2019Fowler, James (104)1-0Thomas, Richard (67)Submit
08 Aug 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)0-1Levy, Steve (190)View
08 Aug 2019Hurt, Trevor (84)0-1Davies, Alan (105)View
08 Aug 2019Thomas, Richard (67)0-1Fowler, James (104)Submit
08 Aug 2019Levy, Steve (190)½-½Dickinson, Steve (160)View
15 Aug 2019Wilkinson, Ben (132)0-1Levy, Steve (190)View
15 Aug 2019Levy, Steve (190)1-0Wilkinson, Ben (132)View
15 Aug 2019Ashby, Ken (99)1-0Davies, Alan (105)View
15 Aug 2019Davies, Alan (105)1-0Ashby, Ken (99)Submit
15 Aug 2019Fowler, James (104)1-0Hurt, Trevor (84)Submit
15 Aug 2019Hurt, Trevor (84)0-1Fowler, James (104)Submit
15 Aug 2019Thomas, Richard (67)0-1McConnell, Phil (124)Submit
15 Aug 2019McConnell, Phil (124)1-0Thomas, Richard (67)Submit
15 Aug 2019Schofield, James (139)1-0Dickinson, Steve (160)Submit
15 Aug 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)0-1Schofield, James (139)Submit