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South Hams Chess Club

Torbay Chess League Division 3

South Hams Chess Club fields a team in Division 3 of the Torbay Chess League. This entails home and away matches against Newton Abbot, Plymouth and Torquay Boys Grammar School ("TBGS"). Games played in the TCL are submitted to the ECF grading database.

In this division, teams consist of four players, and the maximum team grade is Under 480.  The rate of play is 60 minutes plus 30 seconds per move (starting from move 1).  The away team has white on the odd-numbered boards.

Please visit the Torbay Chess League web page for further information on Division 3, and our fixtures and results page for the full list of the club's fixtures in the current season.

Fixtures and Results

You can apply a filter to the fixtures by typing into the Filter box. For example, if you type Ply then only the fixtures against Plymouth will be displayed.

Click on a match score to view the game results for the match concerned. If the word "Report" appears against a particular match, then when you view the game results you will also see the match report.

DateCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
11 Oct 2018Div3South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolW3-1
15 Nov 2018Div3Newton AbbotSouth HamsD2-2Report
14 Jan 2019Div3PlymouthSouth HamsL2½-1½
24 Jan 2019Div3South HamsNewton Abbot
06 Feb 2019Div3Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth Hams
21 Mar 2019Div3South HamsPlymouth
DayDateCompetitionCompHome TeamAway TeamResScoreReport
Thursday11 Oct 2018TCL Division 3Div3South HamsTorquay Boys Grammar SchoolW3-1
Thursday15 Nov 2018TCL Division 3Div3Newton AbbotSouth HamsD2-2Report
Monday14 Jan 2019TCL Division 3Div3PlymouthSouth HamsL2½-1½
Thursday24 Jan 2019TCL Division 3Div3South HamsNewton Abbot
Wednesday06 Feb 2019TCL Division 3Div3Torquay Boys Grammar SchoolSouth Hams
Thursday21 Mar 2019TCL Division 3Div3South HamsPlymouth

Individual Player Statistics

Here are the current player statistics for South Hams players in Division 3 during the 2018-19 season:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
McConnell, Phil124285386D1100109159100.01.0
Willcox, Chris113308555H1100104154100.01.0
Thomas, Richard67313010B110097147100.01.0
Wilkinson, Ben132162703L311112212250.01.5
Peach, Cliff107116851E101010710750.00.5
Greenhalgh, Roy111134641G311110210250.01.5
Schofield, James139310014F1001118680.00.0
Russell, Dennis106214868H100193430.00.0

Overall Team Statistics

Matches Played:3
Matches Won:1
Matches Drawn:1
Matches Lost:1
Match Points:3
Average South Hams Team Grade:461.7
Average Opponents Team Grade:434

TCL Division 3: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School 11 Oct 2018

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Torquay Boys Grammar School Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Schofield, James B 139 310014F 0-1 Sturt, Benjamin W 118 292547D Submit
2 Wilkinson, Ben W 132 162703L 1-0 Sanders-Wyatt, Ben B 93 281087G Submit
3 Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G 1-0 Glasson, Luke W 81 300442K Submit
4 Thomas, Richard W 67 313010B 1-0 Chattaway, Felix B 97 315918J View
Overall Match4493-1389
Bd South Hams Grade Res Torquay Boys Grammar School Grade PGN
1 Schofield, James 139 0-1 Sturt, Benjamin 118 Submit
2 Wilkinson, Ben 132 1-0 Sanders-Wyatt, Ben 93 Submit
3 Greenhalgh, Roy 111 1-0 Glasson, Luke 81 Submit
4 Thomas, Richard 67 1-0 Chattaway, Felix 97 View
Overall Match4493-1389

TCL Division 3: Newton Abbot v South Hams 15 Nov 2018

Bd Newton Abbot Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Cole, Jason J B 135 128813B ½-½ Wilkinson, Ben W 132 162703L Submit
2 Barber-Lafon, Jacquie W 120 128118F ½-½ Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G Submit
3 Hussey, Michael B 104 277498H 0-1 Willcox, Chris W 113 308555H Submit
4 Kennedy-Bruyneels, Isaac W 93 309159E 1-0 Russell, Dennis B 106 214868H Submit
Overall Match4522-2462
Bd Newton Abbot Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Cole, Jason J 135 ½-½ Wilkinson, Ben 132 Submit
2 Barber-Lafon, Jacquie 120 ½-½ Greenhalgh, Roy 111 Submit
3 Hussey, Michael 104 0-1 Willcox, Chris 113 Submit
4 Kennedy-Bruyneels, Isaac 93 1-0 Russell, Dennis 106 Submit
Overall Match4522-2462

Match Report

Author:  Ben Wilkinson

Date:  16 Nov 2018

Two matches now, six different players, and the division 3 team still looks strong. Tonights match saw chess of varying quality, and the final result seemed fair. Dennis duly provided the quick win required on board 4, unfortunately it was in his opponents favour after blundering his queen. Chris's congress form continued with an excellent win over Mike Hussey. However there were comments from the higher echelons of Newton Abbot who suggested that his endgame technique may need some work.

Ben, on board one was playing the majority of his game in "James Schofield" type time trouble, however not with the same aplomb. In the end he gratefully accepted a draw at a time when his position was fast beginning to unravel.

In the final game, Roy and Jacquie were in and even position however Jacquie's clock was down to less than 15 seconds. In an attempt to complicate the position, and take the game on the clock, Roy ran into the perils of incremental time controls, and saw his sacrifice give his opponent a chance to make several forced moves and regain several precious minutes. in the end Roy offered, draw 2 pawns for a piece down, but with ten minutes to two on the clock. Jacquie accepted gratefully, and the match was tied.

TCL Division 3: Plymouth v South Hams 14 Jan 2019

Bd Plymouth Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Wilby, Robert G B 139 155624B 1-0 Wilkinson, Ben W 132 162703L Submit
2 Lochhead, Philip A W 109 269885H 0-1 McConnell, Phil B 124 285386D View
3 Dean, John E B 107 179950C ½-½ Peach, Cliff W 107 116851E Submit
4 Mill-Wilson, Graham A W 106 161236A 1-0 Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G Submit
Overall Match4612½-1½474
Bd Plymouth Grade Res South Hams Grade PGN
1 Wilby, Robert G 139 1-0 Wilkinson, Ben 132 Submit
2 Lochhead, Philip A 109 0-1 McConnell, Phil 124 View
3 Dean, John E 107 ½-½ Peach, Cliff 107 Submit
4 Mill-Wilson, Graham A 106 1-0 Greenhalgh, Roy 111 Submit
Overall Match4612½-1½474