South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Homan League 2019-20

Please visit the 2019-20 overview of internal competitions for an explanation of the Homan League.

The players playing in the Homan League for the 2019-20 season are as follows.
  • Steve Levy (187) - Club Champion
  • Steve Dickinson (160e)
  • Ben Wilkinson (141)
  • Chris Willcox (118)
  • James Fowler (106)
  • Cliff Peach (104)
  • Trevor Hurt (96)
  • Richard Thomas (70)
  • Barry Sweetman (60)

Current Results Matrix for the 2019-20 Season

Levy, Steve1871-1--11----155
Wilkinson, Ben1410-01---1--1-53
Dickinson, Steve160--01---11--43
Fowler, James1060---0-1-1-½-½63
Hurt, Trevor96-00-----1-31
Sweetman, Barry60--0-0-0-0-1-51
Thomas, Richard70-0--0-0-0-1-51
Peach, Cliff1040---½-½---31
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes.

Current Leaderboard for the 2019-20 Season

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts
Levy, Steve187134450L5500118197100.005.0
Wilkinson, Ben141162703L530214015560.003.0
Dickinson, Steve160322864C43019415075.003.0
Fowler, James106277497F622211310550.003.0
Peach, Cliff104116851E302113310233.301.0
Hurt, Trevor96316056H31021339733.301.0
Sweetman, Barry60285526E51041025820.001.0
Thomas, Richard70313010B51041035720.001.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
Levy, Steve1875500118197100.005.0
Wilkinson, Ben141530214015560.003.0
Dickinson, Steve16043019415075.003.0
Fowler, James106622211310550.003.0
Peach, Cliff104302113310233.301.0
Hurt, Trevor9631021339733.301.0
Sweetman, Barry6051041025820.001.0
Thomas, Richard7051041035720.001.0

Pre-Arranged Games

Any Homan Leagues games which have been pre-arranged but not yet played are set out below. If you are logged in as a member you can record on this website a game that you have pre-aranged by clicking here.

Ref Day Date Player 1 Player 2 Club Fixture that Day
1981Thursday17 Oct 2019Dickinson, SteveHurt, Trevor
2048Thursday17 Oct 2019Levy, SteveThomas, Richard
2039Thursday24 Oct 2019Fowler, JamesThomas, RichardDiv1: Newton Abbot Abbots v South Hams
Div3: South Hams v Teignmouth
1984Thursday31 Oct 2019Hurt, TrevorFowler, JamesDiv2: South Hams v Brixham
2050Thursday07 Nov 2019Fowler, JamesThomas, RichardDiv1: Totnes v South Hams
2052Tuesday12 Nov 2019Hurt, TrevorDickinson, Steve
1985Thursday14 Nov 2019Peach, CliffHurt, TrevorDiv3: Newton Abbot v South Hams
Rap1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1986Thursday21 Nov 2019Hurt, TrevorThomas, RichardDiv2: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1991Thursday21 Nov 2019Peach, CliffDickinson, SteveDiv2: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1987Thursday28 Nov 2019Sweetman, BarryHurt, Trevor
1997Thursday28 Nov 2019Thomas, RichardPeach, Cliff
2002Thursday05 Dec 2019Levy, SteveHurt, TrevorDiv1: South Hams v Newton Abbot Bishops
Div3: South Hams v Plymouth
2004Thursday19 Dec 2019Wilkinson, BenHurt, Trevor
2005Thursday09 Jan 2020Hurt, TrevorWillcox, ChrisDiv4: Torquay Boys Grammar School v South Hams
2006Thursday16 Jan 2020Fowler, JamesHurt, TrevorDiv3: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School
2013Thursday16 Jan 2020Peach, CliffDickinson, SteveDiv3: South Hams v Torquay Boys Grammar School
2007Thursday23 Jan 2020Hurt, TrevorPeach, Cliff
2008Thursday30 Jan 2020Thomas, RichardHurt, TrevorDiv1: South Hams v Totnes
Div4: South Hams v Teignmouth
2014Thursday30 Jan 2020Fowler, JamesPeach, CliffDiv1: South Hams v Totnes
Div4: South Hams v Teignmouth
2009Thursday06 Feb 2020Hurt, TrevorSweetman, BarryRap1: Newton Abbot v South Hams
2015Thursday06 Feb 2020Levy, StevePeach, CliffRap1: Newton Abbot v South Hams
2016Thursday13 Feb 2020Thomas, RichardPeach, Cliff
2017Thursday20 Feb 2020Wilkinson, BenPeach, CliffDiv2: Totnes v South Hams
2018Thursday27 Feb 2020Peach, CliffWillcox, Chris

Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the 2019-20 Homan League are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

Date White Result Black PGN?
05 Sep 2019Levy, Steve (187)1-0Hurt, Trevor (96)View
05 Sep 2019Wilkinson, Ben (141)1-0Dickinson, Steve (160)View
06 Sep 2019Sweetman, Barry (60)0-1Fowler, James (106)Submit
12 Sep 2019Thomas, Richard (70)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (141)View
12 Sep 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)1-0Fowler, James (106)Submit
12 Sep 2019Peach, Cliff (104)0-1Levy, Steve (187)View
19 Sep 2019Fowler, James (106)½-½Peach, Cliff (104)Submit
19 Sep 2019Levy, Steve (187)1-0Wilkinson, Ben (141)View
25 Sep 2019Fowler, James (106)1-0Sweetman, Barry (60)Submit
26 Sep 2019Wilkinson, Ben (141)0-1Levy, Steve (187)View
26 Sep 2019Peach, Cliff (104)½-½Fowler, James (106)Submit
02 Oct 2019Thomas, Richard (70)0-1Sweetman, Barry (60)View
03 Oct 2019Dickinson, Steve (160)1-0Thomas, Richard (70)Submit
03 Oct 2019Fowler, James (106)0-1Levy, Steve (187)View
03 Oct 2019Hurt, Trevor (96)0-1Wilkinson, Ben (141)View
10 Oct 2019Sweetman, Barry (60)0-1Dickinson, Steve (160)View
10 Oct 2019Thomas, Richard (70)0-1Hurt, Trevor (96)View
16 Oct 2019Sweetman, Barry (60)0-1Thomas, Richard (70)View