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Cookworthy Cup for 2014-15 is shared by James Fowler and Barclay Best

On 16th April, James Fowler and Barclay Best played the second leg of the Cookworthy Cup Final (with James 1 - 0 up after the first leg played the previous week).

This time Barclay had the white pieces, and he played King's Gambit (Accepted). Before James was able to develop any serious threat, Barclay launched a devastating kingside attack, with loads of threats, and there was simply no way of stopping him. James resigned on move 41, with Checkmate inevitable.

This game can be viewed here.

Many congratulations to both James and Barclay - a very fair and well-deserved result. Over the next year, each of them can display the Cookworthy Cup on his mantlepiece for 6 months!