South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Recent South Hams Club Results

The 50 most recent results of South Hams Club games are listed below, with the most recent games first.

White Result Black Competition Date
Fowler, James0-1Sweetman, BarryM. Wray Shield23 Jan 2020Submit
Thomas, Richard0-1Levy, SteveHoman League23 Jan 2020View
Doble, Arthur1-0Ashby, KenDunleavy League23 Jan 2020View
Cowley, Dennis1-0Davies, AlanDunleavy League23 Jan 2020View
Collins, Tony0-1Archer, DavidDunleavy League23 Jan 2020View
Hurt, Trevor1-0Lippard, BarryTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Cuggy, Mike J0-1Wilkinson, BenTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Archer, David0-1Collins, ChrisTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Mills, Nathan½-½Levy, SteveTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020View
Lippard, Barry1-0Hurt, TrevorTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Wilkinson, Ben1-0Cuggy, Mike JTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Collins, Chris0-1Archer, DavidTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Levy, Steve0-1Mills, NathanTCL Rapidplay21 Jan 2020Submit
Hurt, Trevor1-0Thomas, RichardM. Wray Shield16 Jan 2020View
Dickinson, Steve1-0Peach, CliffHoman League16 Jan 2020Submit
Doble, Arthur0-1Schofield, JamesDunleavy League16 Jan 2020View
Greenhalgh, Roy0-1Cowley, DennisDunleavy League16 Jan 2020Submit
Ashby, Ken1-0O'Donoghue, TobyTCL Division 316 Jan 2020View
Glasson, Luke1-0Fowler, JamesTCL Division 316 Jan 2020Submit
Davies, Alan1-0Mortimer, OliverTCL Division 316 Jan 2020View
Kennedy-Bruyneels, Isaac1-0Wilkinson, BenTCL Division 316 Jan 2020Submit
Sweetman, Barry0-1Archer, DavidCookworthy Cup16 Jan 2020View
Thomas, Richard0-1Dickinson, SteveHoman League09 Jan 2020View
Levy, Steve1-0Sweetman, BarryHoman League09 Jan 2020View
Cowley, Dennis1-0Ashby, KenDunleavy League09 Jan 2020Submit
Collins, Tony0-1McConnell, PhilDunleavy League09 Jan 2020View
Barlass, Thomas0-1Doble, ArthurTCL Division 409 Jan 2020Submit
Hurt, Trevor1-0Paul, AritraTCL Division 409 Jan 2020Submit
Paul, Aarv½-½Greenhalgh, RoyTCL Division 409 Jan 2020Submit
Fowler, James1-0Mortimer, OliverTCL Division 409 Jan 2020Submit
Peach, Cliff½-½Davies, AlanCookworthy Cup09 Jan 2020View
Peach, Cliff0-1Munsey, A JonDCCA Mamhead04 Jan 2020Submit
Leadbetter, Scott0-1Davies, AlanDCCA Mamhead04 Jan 2020View
Archer, David½-½Oughton, Rob ADCCA Mamhead04 Jan 2020Submit
Clarke, Steve0-1Levy, SteveDCCA Mamhead04 Jan 2020View
Sweetman, Barry0-1Thomas, RichardM. Wray Shield02 Jan 2020Submit
Archer, David1-0Fowler, JamesM. Wray Shield02 Jan 2020View
Hurt, Trevor0-1Levy, SteveHoman League02 Jan 2020View
Davies, Alan1-0Collins, TonyDunleavy League02 Jan 2020View
Greenhalgh, Roy½-½Ashby, KenDunleavy League02 Jan 2020Submit
Sweetman, Barry½-½Collins, TonyM. Wray Shield12 Dec 2019Submit
Dickinson, Steve0-1Levy, SteveHoman League12 Dec 2019View
Doble, Arthur1-0Sequeira, AlisterTCL Division 412 Dec 2019View
Sequeira, Alfie0-1Hurt, TrevorTCL Division 412 Dec 2019Submit
Greenhalgh, Roy0-1Hussey, MichaelTCL Division 412 Dec 2019Submit
Miller, Paul0-1Fowler, JamesTCL Division 412 Dec 2019Submit
Davies, Alan1-0Liggatt, CliveTCL Division 212 Dec 2019View
Wilby, Robert G1-0McConnell, PhilTCL Division 212 Dec 2019View
Schofield, James1-0Wilkinson, Ben RTCL Division 212 Dec 2019View
Howard, Charles V0-1Archer, DavidTCL Division 212 Dec 2019View