South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Recent South Hams Club Results

The 50 most recent results of South Hams Club games are listed below, with the most recent games first.

White Result Black Competition Date
Ashby, Ken1-0Thomas, RichardM. Wray Shield23 May 2019
Archer, David1-0Fowler, JamesHoman League23 May 2019
McConnell, Phil0-1Peach, CliffFriendly RapidPlay Ungraded23 May 2019
McConnell, Phil0-1Peach, CliffFriendly Standard Play Ungraded23 May 2019
Sweetman, Barry1-0Collins, TonyFriendly Standard Play Graded23 May 2019
Levy, Steve1-0Ashby, KenM. Wray Shield16 May 2019
Fowler, James0-1Archer, DavidHoman League16 May 2019
Thomas, Richard0-1Peach, CliffDunleavy League16 May 2019
Archer, David1-0Schofield, JamesHoman League09 May 2019
Fowler, James0-1Levy, SteveHoman League09 May 2019
Ashby, Ken½-½Peach, CliffDunleavy League09 May 2019
Willcox, Chris½-½Doble, ArthurDunleavy League09 May 2019
Greenhalgh, Roy1-0Willcox, ChrisDunleavy League07 May 2019
Thomas, Richard0-1Wilkinson, BenM. Wray Shield02 May 2019
McConnell, Phil1-0Fowler, JamesHoman League02 May 2019
Willcox, Chris1-0Greenhalgh, RoyDunleavy League02 May 2019
Archer, David1-0Levy, SteveCookworthy Cup02 May 2019
Davies, Alan1-0Hurt, TrevorM. Wray Shield25 Apr 2019
Wilkinson, Ben1-0McConnell, PhilM. Wray Shield25 Apr 2019
Thomas, Richard0-1Ashby, KenM. Wray Shield25 Apr 2019
Dean, John E½-½Fowler, JamesTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Greenhalgh, Roy0-1Quinn, MartinTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Wilby, Robert G1-0Archer, DavidTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Levy, Steve1-0Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael HTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Fowler, James½-½Dean, John ETCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Quinn, Martin1-0Greenhalgh, RoyTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Archer, David1-0Wilby, Robert GTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H0-1Levy, SteveTCL Rapidplay25 Apr 2019
Ashby, Ken½-½Doble, ArthurDunleavy League18 Apr 2019
Willcox, Chris1-0Thomas, RichardDunleavy League18 Apr 2019
Davies, Alan1-0Schofield, JamesCookworthy Cup18 Apr 2019
Hurt, Trevor0-1Medhurst, BrianTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Quinn, Martin½-½Peach, CliffTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Greenhalgh, Roy½-½Wilby, Robert GTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H1-0Archer, DavidTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Medhurst, Brian1-0Hurt, TrevorTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Peach, Cliff½-½Quinn, MartinTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Wilby, Robert G0-1Greenhalgh, RoyTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Archer, David0-1Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael HTCL Rapidplay15 Apr 2019
Collins, Tony0-1Hurt, TrevorM. Wray Shield11 Apr 2019
Levy, Steve1-0McConnell, PhilM. Wray Shield11 Apr 2019
Archer, David1-0Davies, AlanHoman League11 Apr 2019
Peach, Cliff½-½Ashby, KenDunleavy League11 Apr 2019
Thomas, Richard0-1Willcox, ChrisDunleavy League11 Apr 2019
Schofield, James1-0Wilkinson, BenCookworthy Cup11 Apr 2019
Hurt, Trevor0-1Doble, ArthurM. Wray Shield04 Apr 2019
Davies, Alan0-1Narayanan, SubramanianTCL Knockout04 Apr 2019
Brenton, Richard½-½Greenhalgh, RoyTCL Knockout04 Apr 2019
Willcox, Chris1-0Hussey, MichaelTCL Knockout04 Apr 2019
Kinder, Andrew S1-0McConnell, PhilTCL Knockout04 Apr 2019