South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Prospective Members

Membership of South Hams Chess Club is open to anyone with a basic knowledge of how the game is played; the current membership has a wide spread of playing abilities. Feel free to come along on a Thursday evening, and you will be welcomed. We will try to give you a game (or games) on your first evening, but if that isn't possible you can watch the games that are being played, and a game will be arranged for you the following week.

Membership of the South Hams Chess Club is free for your first season (or part season) as a member. Thereafter an annual membership fee applies (please contact the Club Secretary for further information). Each season runs from 1st September to June.

Before you can start playing in the internal leagues, or represent the Club in the Torbay Chess League, you will need to sumbit a completed New Member's Particulars Form (which can be viewed or printed here) and join the English Chess Federation (ECF) with Bronze level membership or higher. The ECF's membership fees and instructions on how to join the ECF are set out here.

If you are havering, why not come and meet us, and find out what the Club is like? There is nothing to pay initially, and you have nothing to lose!