South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Summer Season Underway

The Summer Season is now underway, with players taking flexible approach to what form of the game they choose to play on any given evening.

On 7th May, Election Night didn't prevent several members attending. There was quite a lot of chatter that evening (including some coaching for the less experienced players), and during the course of the evening there were friendlies in which:

  • David beat Ken
  • James beat Cliff
  • Derek beat Barbara

On 14th May:

  • Ben and David chose to play a graded game with the usual time controls; David emerged the winner (you can play through the game on this website, as it's been added to the club database)
  • Ken and James played an ungraded game, which Ken won
  • John and Phil played a friendly without clocks, which John won
  • Cliff and Derek played several games (in between which Cliff did some checking of the club's inventory!).