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South Hams Chess Club

Still All to Play for in the Internal Leagues

On Thursday 26th May, two key games in the internal Leagues took place:

  • the first leg of the Club Championship playoff between Steve Levy and David Archer
  • the so-called "Defibrillator Game" to determine which of Ben Wlikinson and Ken Ashby will start next season in the Homan League, and which of them will start in the Dunleavy League.

David Archer had the white pieces against Steve, and the opening was a very exciting, edgy version of the Kings Gambit Accepted. At one point it looked as if Steve had a winnng attack going against David's unprotected king, but David fought back with his own attack which won material and enabled him to enter the end game with a two-pawn advantage. In a tricky position, the computer shows there was a way for David to force a win, but Steve eventually got away with a draw - and was delighted to do so! So, battle will be resumed on 2nd June, with Steve having the white pieces this time.

Ken drew the white pieces against Ben, and as usual played the English Opening. Ben won a pawn in the early middle game, but Ken fought back to regain the pawn, and eventually both players were happy to settle for a draw. Ben and Ken have agreed to play again on 2nd June, with Ben having the white pieces.

So, the tension continues... we still don't know who will be the Club Champion for 2015-16, or whether Ben or Ken will have the honour of starting next season in the Homan League.

Well played everybody. The evening was excellent fun for the spectators, but not so good for the blood pressure of the four players!