South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Homan and Dunleavy Leagues Re-starting January 2017

Congratulations to Ben Wilkinson and Alan Davies, who gained promotion form the Dunleavy League to the Homan League, with effect from 1st January 2017. Cliff Peach and Roy Greenhalgh move in the opposite direction. The Homan League will therefore consist of:

  • David Archer
  • Ken Ashby
  • Alan Davies
  • Steve Levy
  • Phil McConnell
  • Ben Wilkinson

With Barclay Best opting out due to personal commitments, a total of 11 players have declared a wish to compete in the Dunleavy League for January-May 2017, and have made a commitment to attempt to get as many as possible of their games played. All 11 are therefore entered into the competition:

  • John Belli
  • Tony Collins
  • Noah Farrand
  • James Fowler
  • Roy Greenhalgh
  • Cliff Peach
  • Barry Sweetman
  • Dennis Russell
  • Chris Willcox
  • Oliver Zaffiro
  • Zak Zaffiro
After consultation with several members, it has been decided that the Dunleavy will continue to be an “all play all twice” rather than an “all play all once” competition, mainly to reduce the likelihood of a problem with members wanting to play a competitive game on a given club night, but finding that they have already played the only available player(s) in the Dunleavy. It is recognised some members will find it very difficult to play the maximum of 20 games (10 against each opponent as white, and 10 as black) - so instead of asking members to play all 20 games, or setting an arbitrary minimum number of games that must be played, we simply ask that all Dunleavy players try very hard to get as many as possible of their games played, bearing in mind that if they are asked to play for the club in a Torbay League match we would expect this to be given priority over internal competitions. The best way to ensure you get a Dunleavy game on a Thursday night is to pre-arrange an opponent, which you can do by logging in the club website as a member and go to Members Area -> Pre-Arranged Club Games -> Record Pre-Arranged Club Game.