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South Hams Chess Club

Cliff Peach beats Ken Ashby in Playoff

On 13 January Cliff went round to Ken's to play the decider to determine which of them plays in the Homan League, and which of them plays in the Dunleavy League, for the second half of the season. The result was ... a draw! They therefore played a 15 minute Rapidplay game which Cliff won, so it is Cliff who plays in the Homan League. Cliff reports that it was a closely-fought contest and a very enjoyable afternoon.

The Homan and Dunleavy leagues for the second half of the season are now determined:

Homan League

Dunleavy League

SurnameFirst nameGrade
SurnameFirst nameGrade

This means that each player in the Homan League will need to play eight games between the start of January and the end of the season (four opponents, with each opponent played once as White and once as Black), while each player in the Dunleavy League will need to play ten games.

On a separate topic, Cliff would like to make a couple of points about the Cookworthy Cup:

  1. To help avoid a fixture pile-up in the second half of the season, from January onwards if a game is drawn there will be no replay; instead a 15 minute Rapidplay game with reverse colours will be played so as to get a result "on the night".
  2. From the second round onwards, a toss "on the night" will determine colours.