South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Minor Updates to Club Website

I've made several minor changes to the club website.

  1. Due to lack of interest, I'll no longer be using Facebook or Twitter to communicate news. The weekly email is, and will continue to be, the main mechanism for keeping members up-to-date with club news.
  2. Tablets are becoming increasingly popular devices for accessing the Web. While the previous dropdown menu structure worked fine with iPads, there was a problem for users of Android tablets. This has now been fixed, but as a consequence, where we have a top-level menu item with sub-menus, the top-level menu item is now just a "placeholder" without having a web page associated with it.
  3. Consequent to the above, the members' Log In/Out page is now a sub-item of "Members Area". If you have bookmarked the Log In/Out page, you will need to update your bookmark.
  4. I've done some work to improve the usability of the website from smartphones. For example, you can now play through games on the club database using a smartphone.

Ben asked me this evening whether it's possible to flip the board when viewing a game on the club database. The answer is Yes. To flip the board, click on the e7 square, assuming White is on the bottom. (If White is on the top, click on the D2 square.) For other tips about viewing games, click where it says "Click here for help with viewing the game" just above the graphical chessboard.