South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Hints on Adding Your Games to the Club Database

If you have a chess program that you run on your PC, a very good way to create the PGN for your game is to enter your moves using your chess program. Ben does this using HIARCS, while I use Shredder - but any reputable chess software (e.g. Shredder, Fritz, Chessmaster, Chess King, etc) should do equally well. If you then save your game, specifying players' names, date, venue etc, than your PGN should be both valid and very complete. Copy the PGN from your chess program (exactly how you do this will depend on which program you use), and when you submit your game to the club database paste it into the PGN box.

If you don't have such a chess program on your PC, there are some good tools on the Web that will help. One I recommend you to try is Alexander Mainzer's online analysis website. You can create the PGN for your game by dragging the pieces with your mouse on the graphical chessboard. When you've entered your game, highlight the PGN in the "Movelist" box, copy it (ctrl+c on Windows, or cmd+c on Mac), and then when you submit your game to the club database paste it (ctrl+v on Windows, or cmd+v on Mac) into the PGN box.

Using one of these methods is much easier and less error-prone that typing the PGN directly into the PGN box.