Pre-Arranged Club Games

Here is a list of the future pre-arranged games in the internal club competitions that have been registered on this website. If nothing appears below, this means that nobody has recorded a pre-arranged internal club game from today onwards.

If you are a club member, you can record a new pre-arranged game by clicking here, or update the record of a pre-arranged game (including flagging it as deleted) by clicking on the reference number below.

Ref Day Date Competition Player 1 Player 2 Club Fixture that Day
1337Tuesday26 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueDavies, AlanMcConnell, Phil
1382Tuesday26 Sep 2017Homan LeagueArcher, DavidWilkinson, Ben
1395Tuesday26 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueSweetman, BarryAshby, Ken
1315Thursday28 Sep 2017Homan LeagueWilkinson, BenPeach, Cliff
1352Thursday28 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueRussell, DennisMcConnell, Phil
1353Thursday28 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenZaffiro, Oliver
1375Thursday28 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueSchofield, JamesBelli, John
1377Thursday28 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueFowler, JamesCollins, Tony
1398Thursday28 Sep 2017Cookworthy CupLevy, SteveDavies, Alan
1401Thursday28 Sep 2017Homan LeagueGreenhalgh, RoyArcher, David
1402Thursday28 Sep 2017Dunleavy LeagueSweetman, BarryZaffiro, Zak
1316Thursday05 Oct 2017Homan LeagueWillcox, ChrisPeach, Cliff
1342Thursday05 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueSchofield, JamesDavies, Alan
1347Thursday05 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenFarrand, Noah
1364Thursday05 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueZaffiro, ZakMcConnell, Phil
1317Thursday12 Oct 2017Homan LeagueLevy, StevePeach, CliffDiv3: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1349Thursday12 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenSchofield, JamesDiv3: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1365Thursday12 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueZaffiro, OliverMcConnell, PhilDiv3: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1393Thursday12 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueFowler, JamesDavies, AlanDiv3: South Hams v Newton Abbot
1363Tuesday17 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueMcConnell, PhilDavies, Alan
1318Thursday19 Oct 2017Homan LeagueGreenhalgh, RoyPeach, CliffDiv1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
Div4: South Hams v Teignmouth
1350Thursday19 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueAshby, KenBelli, JohnDiv1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
Div4: South Hams v Teignmouth
1366Thursday19 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueMcConnell, PhilFarrand, NoahDiv1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
Div4: South Hams v Teignmouth
1376Thursday19 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueSchofield, JamesSweetman, BarryDiv1: South Hams v Newton Abbot
Div4: South Hams v Teignmouth
1374Tuesday24 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueMcConnell, PhilSchofield, James
1319Thursday26 Oct 2017Homan LeagueArcher, DavidPeach, Cliff
1369Thursday26 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueSavage, JimMcConnell, Phil
1390Thursday26 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueSweetman, BarryDavies, Alan
1372Tuesday31 Oct 2017Dunleavy LeagueBelli, JohnMcConnell, Phil
1320Thursday02 Nov 2017Homan LeagueWilkinson, BenPeach, CliffRap1: South Hams v Plymouth
1355Thursday02 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueFarrand, NoahAshby, KenRap1: South Hams v Plymouth
1389Thursday02 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueFowler, JamesMcConnell, PhilRap1: South Hams v Plymouth
1373Tuesday07 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueMcConnell, PhilBelli, John
1371Thursday09 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueMcConnell, PhilSweetman, Barry
1396Thursday09 Nov 2017Cookworthy CupAshby, KenPeach, Cliff
1357Thursday16 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueBelli, JohnAshby, KenDiv2: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1368Thursday16 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueMcConnell, PhilRussell, DennisDiv2: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1358Thursday23 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueSavage, JimAshby, KenDiv1: South Hams v Torbay
Div4: South Hams v Plymouth
1359Thursday30 Nov 2017Dunleavy LeagueZaffiro, ZakAshby, KenDiv4: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1321Thursday07 Dec 2017Homan LeagueWillcox, ChrisPeach, CliffRap1: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1360Thursday07 Dec 2017Dunleavy LeagueCollins, TonyAshby, KenRap1: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1370Thursday07 Dec 2017Dunleavy LeagueSavage, JimMcConnell, PhilRap1: Newton Abbot v South Hams
1322Thursday14 Dec 2017Homan LeagueGreenhalgh, RoyPeach, Cliff
1397Thursday14 Dec 2017Dunleavy LeagueRussell, DennisAshby, Ken

For convenience, club fixtures occurring during the next 4 months are shown below.