South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

James Fowler Wins First Leg of Cookworthy Cup Final

On 9th April, James Fowler, playing with the white pieces, beat Barclay Best in the first leg of the Cookworthy Cup Final. Barclay was cross with himself - apparently he blundered a bishop. The return leg - with colours reversed - is due to be played on 16th April.

The internal leagues are nearing completion.

In the Homan League (which will decide the official club champion for this season), Dennis Russell has determined that he won't be able to play any more games this season, and he has been withdrawn from the competition, making it a 4-way contest between Ben Wilkinson, Clifford Peach, James Fowler and Phil McConnell. The latest Homan League leaderboard can be viewed here.

In the Dunleavy League, David Archer continued his 100% record by beating Roy Greenhalgh on 9th April. David is now the clear bookies' favourite to win the Dunleavy, with Roy Greenhalgh and Ken Ashby vying for second place. The current status of the Dunleavy League can be viewed here.