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League Playoffs Determined

The last, and vital, game in the current phase of the Homan League was played tonight. Ben Wilkinson needed a win against David Archer in order to avoid finishing 4th in the league, a position which would mean he has to contest his place in the Homan League at the start of next season by playing a one-game play-off against Ken Ashby (who finished 3rd in the current Dunleavy League). A win for Ben would produce a 3-way tie between David, Ben and Phil McConnell for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places - and a headache for the Competition Secretary who is trying to get all the playoff games completed!

For David, a win or a draw would mean that he finished 2nd in the league, earning himself the right to a two-game playoff gainst Steve Levy for the title of Club Champion for 2015-16.

Ben achieved a clear lead early on, and it it started to look as if the headache for the Competition Secretary was inevitable. But on move 19 Ben overlooked a combination and, for the second week running, he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. So, congratulations to David Archer who finishes second in the Homan League, and will progress to the two-game playoff against Steve for the title of Club Champion. Ben, meanwhile, will face Ken Ashby in what club membeers have started referring to as "The Defibrillator Game" to determine which of them starts next season in the Homan League, and which of them starts in the Dunleavy League.

The final positions in the 2015-16 Homan League table can be seen here.

Club members can play through tonight's game by clicking here.

Next week - Thursday 26th May - should provide good entertainment for the spectators, with the frst leg of the playoff between Steve and David, and the "Defibrillator Game" between Ben and Ken.