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South Hams Chess Club

Steve Levy is the 2015-16 Club Champion

Congratulations to Steve Levy, who is the South Hams Club Champion for 2015-16. The two-game playoff for the Club Champion title was played between Steve and David Archer - the players who finished 1st and 2nd in the Homan League for the post-Christmas period.

In the first game on 26th May, Steve recovered from a lost position to eke out an unlikely draw. In the second game on 2nd June, Steve developed a crushing attack following a miscalculation by David, and thus wins the playoff by 1½ - ½. So, many congratulations to both players:

  • to Steve for deservedly winning the Homan Leage, thus becomng Club Champion - as well as winning the Cookworthy Cup.
  • to David for giving Steve a real scare.

In a separate development, Ken Ashby (3rd in the Dunleavy League) and Ben Wilkinson (4th in the Homan League) have been playing off for the right to start next season in the Homan League. On 26th May, Ken came from behind to obtain a draw, so they played again on 2nd June. A tight game produced another draw - so they will have to play off for a third time(!) The excitement continues...

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