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2013-14 Season Wrap-up

2013-14 was a successful and enjoyable season for the club members, with keen participitatioon in the Master Cup (the internal league competition) and the Cookworthy Cup (the internal knockout competition).  On 16 evenings we fielded a team of four in the Torbay and District Chess Leagues - one team playing in Division 3, and one team playing in Division 4.

Torbay League Division 3

Many Congratulations to Plymouth, who dominated Division 3 with 8 wins and 2 draws.  South Hams finished in a very respectable third place (pipped by Newton Abbot on "goal difference").

Click here for full details of the matches and results, including a match report for most of the matches.

The final league table was as follows:

Division 3PWDLFAPts
Plymouth 10 8 2 0 29 11 18
Newton Abbot 10 5 2 3 23½ 16½ 12
South Hams 10 4 4 3 22 18 12
Teignmouth 10 3 4 3 22 18 10
Torquay 10 2 1 7 20½ 29½ 5
TGBS 10 1 1 8 13 27 3

The South Hams player statistics for Division 3 in 2013-14 were as follows.

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
Wilkinson, Ben123162703L741211713264.34.5
Russell, Dennis112214868H210112112150.01.0
Fowler, James99277497F21109311875.01.5
Peach, Cliff106116851E834110511762.55.0
Greenhalgh, Roy118134641G1035210110955.05.5
McConnell, Phil107285386D7313909050.03.5
Ashby, Ken83181837F200287370.00.0
Collins, Tony85173334F1001000.00.0

Torbay League Division 4

After a strong first half of the season (Win-Win-Draw), South Hams faded in the second half (Loss-Loss-Draw) to finish with 6 points from 6 matches. Congratulations to Plymouth, whose consistency with 4 wins, 2 draws and 0 defeats made them comfortable winners of the Division.

The final league table was as follows:

Division 4PWDLFAPts
Plymouth 6 4 2 0 16 8 10
South Hams 6 2 2 2 13½ 10½ 6
Teignmouth 6 2 2 2 10½ 13½ 6
Newton Abbot 6 1 0 5 8 16 2

The South Hams player statistics for Division 4 in 2013-14 were as follows. Well played James Fowler, with an impressive 5 points out of 6, with an ECF grading performance over these games of 121.

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Points
Wheatley, Owen295204L110077127100.01.0
Fowler, James99277497F65018712183.35.0
McConnell, Phil107285386D631210111058.33.5
Russell, Dennis110214868H31021129533.31.0
Greenhalgh, Roy118134641G2101949450.01.0
Sweetman, Barry58285526E1100068100.01.0
Best, Barclay102233494L100192420.00.0
Collins, Tony85173334F200288380.00.0
Ashby, Ken83181837F100178280.00.0

Master Cup

Please visit the page on the 2013-14 Master Cup for full details of games played and the final leaderboard.

Because players who play a lot of games in the Torbay & District Leagues aren't able to fit in as many Master Cup games as other players, the rules of the competition are that the winner of the competition is the player with the best percentage (i.e. points scored divided by the number of games played). By this measure, the winner is Ben Wilkinson on 77.8% - congratulations to Ben. However it is worth noting that the player with the best grading performance on Master Cup games was Roy Greenhalgh, who performed at 122 (with an average opponent grade of 101) compared to Ben's 114 (with an average opponent grade of 87). Perhaps if Roy had selected his opponents more shrewdly he could have been this season's Master Cup Winner!

Cookworthy Cup

Please visit the page on the 2013-14 Cookworthy Cup for full details of the draw and games played.

Congratulations to Dennis Russell and Ben Wilkinson, who reached the final. The final is a two-legged match, with the opponents swapping colours after the first game. Each player won with the white pieces, which means that Ben and Dennis are (very deservedly) the joint winners of the competition.