Coronavirus and the 2020-21 Season

Friday 13th August 2021

The Club has decided that there will be no Club meetings at the Regal in the 2020-21 season until January 2021 at the earliest. However:

  • Games in the Club's competitions can be played online via the website.
  • Thursday nights will be club nights, with lots of South Hams competitive games being played at the same time - so you can keep your eye on how other games are progressing while you play youir own game!
  • The Homan League will operate primarily as an online competition from 1st September to 24th December 2020. A new league competition (details TBD) will be started in the New Year.
  • Players can start playing their games in the Cookworthy Cup (the Club's knockout competition) online from 1st September 2020. However first and second round games don't need to be played until 31st January 2021, so members not wishing to play online can enter in the hope that over-the-board chess will resume in the New Year (and then withdraw if that doesn't happen).

If BOTH players agree to play a game in these competitions over-the-board rather than online, they may do so, using their own equipment and at a venue other than the Regal Club.

The Committee plan to meet in December 2021 to decide how the Coronavirus pandemic will affect the Club's plans for 2022.