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Exciting Last Few Weeks in the Internal Competitions

The month of May has arrived, and the outcomes for 2015-16 in the Homan League, Dunleavy League and Cookworthy Cup are all uncertain. The website Forum (accessible to club members only) is buzzing with speculation about what will transpire.

Homan League

Click here for the latest state of play in the Homan League.

In the league table for games played since 1st January (after promotion and relegation from the first half of the season):

  • Steve Levy has finished his games and scored 4.5 points out of 5. This guarantees that he will play whoever finishes second in a play-off for the honour to be Club Champion.
  • Dennis Russell and James Fowler - the duo who obtained promotion after the first half of the season - have finished heir games, and will be relegated back to the Dunleavy League at the start of the 2016-17 season.
  • The second, third and fourth places are still "up for grabs" between David Archer, Ben Wilkinson and Phil McConnell. Any of them could finish second (or second equal) and end up as club champion, but any of them could finish fourth (or fourth equal) and ultimately face a play-off game against third place in the Dunleavy League to avoid relegation!

Dunleavy League

The Dunleavy League has been keenly contested since the start of the year, with several players competing for promotion to the Homan League. Click here for the latest state of play.

With a number of games still to play (only Ken Ashby has completed all his games), Roy Greenhalgh and Clifford Peach are in line for the two automatic promotion places, while Ken Ashby is in line for the promotion play-off game against whoever finsihes fourth in the Homan League. However, if Barry Sweetman and/or John Belli manage to play their remaining games, either of them can still figure in the promotion places. Watch this space!

Cookworthy Cup

The final of the club's knockout competition is being contested beween Roy Greenhalgh and Steve Levy. The final is played over two games, with colours reversed in the second game. Steve, playing with the black pieces, won the first leg, in an exciting game which can be viewed here. What tricks will Roy have up his sleeve in the second leg?