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Match Details

TCL Division 2: South Hams v Teignmouth 5 Mar 2015

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Teignmouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Levy, Steve B 140 134450L ½-½ Ingham, Bill W 176 173310C Submit
2 Fowler, James W 105 277497F 0-1 Tidy, Norman B 137 120413A Submit
3 Belli, John B 100 300901E 0-1 Ariss, John W 117 152122G Submit
4 Ashby, Ken W 83 181837F 0-1 Cockerton, Mark B 88 227246F View
Overall Match428½-3½518

Match Report

Author:  Cliff Peach

Date:  12 Mar 2015

South Hams fielded a relatively inexperienced team in order to spread around the opportunity to play Torbay League matches. This included John Belli, playing his first match for South Hams.

Outgraded by a massive margin - 518 points to 388, it is not surprising that South Hams went down to a heavy defeat. But it was good experience - and all four games were in fact pretty close.

The evening ended with nine people clustered round Board 1 - watching while "Steve the Magician" managed to turn round a deficit - he had a bishop, a rook and 5 pawns against two rooks and 5 pawns - into an advantage - a rook and a pawn against a rook. However with both players' clocks running down to around 2 minutes, Steve was unable to queen his pawn, and a draw was agreed.

An enjoyable evening.