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TCL Division 3: Torquay Boys Grammar School v South Hams 6 Jan 2015

Bd Torquay Boys Grammar School Col Grade ECF Result South Hams Col Grade ECF PGN
1 Sturt, Ben B 76 292547D 0-1 McConnell, Phil W 102 285386D View
2 Kubiak, Jakub W 73 293395A 0-1 Greenhalgh, Roy B 97 134641G Submit
3 Lee, Alex B 80 297378K 0-1 Fowler, James W 105 277497F Submit
4 Sanders-Wyatt, Ben W 65 281087G 0-1 Ashby, Ken B 83 181837F View
Overall Match2940-4387

Match Report

Author:  Phil McConnell

Date:  7 Jan 2015

In their Division 3 match against TBGS, South Hams eventually ran out easy 4-0 winners but it wasn't as comfortable as the score suggests.

It started off well with Ken Ashby winning in less than 2hrs play. Next to finish was Roy Greenhalgh, who got into a few problems in the opening and against a stronger opponent might have had a struggle, but Roy came through and put South Hams 2-0 up.

Everything looked on course for an early finish, but on boards 1 & 3 it was a different story. James Fowler had an 4 pawn and knight end game. James' isolated pawn on the queenside gave him the edge, with the other 7 pawns all tied up on the kingside. James' isolated pawn eventually queened which gave South Hams a 3-0 lead.

The last game to finish went to the wire, with both players having just over a minute on their clocks at the end. The Grammar School lad went all out for a pawn & rook mate but was always just one move away, while Phil McConnell held his nerve and queened his pawn with immediate check, which then really finished the game, with the time being the only thing that could have stopped Phil winning.

A win was deserved, but the 4-0 score line was a bit flattering - until the last 30 minutes it could have gone either way and a draw looked possible. The Grammar School boys in general played with a flair that made their grades look understated. The win keeps South Hams on course for being in with a shout for the Division 3 title.