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Match Details

TCL Division 3: South Hams v Plymouth 6 Oct 2016

Bd South Hams Col Grade ECF Result Plymouth Col Grade ECF PGN
1 McConnell, Phil B 126 285386D ½-½ Hart-Davis, Adam W 139 295297L View
2 Wilkinson, Ben W 131 162703L ½-½ Wilby, Rob B 137 155624B View
3 Greenhalgh, Roy B 111 134641G ½-½ Tatam, Tony W 107 134693D Submit
4 Ashby, Ken W 93 181837F 1-0 Scantlebury, Derek B 95 191043H View
Overall Match4612½-1½478

Match Report

Author:  Phil McConnell

Date:  29 Oct 2016

The Division 3 team got off to a winning start to the season against a very strong Plymouth team.

On Board 1 Phil was on the defensive from the outset, but his opponent failed to find a way through. In the end, the position was about equal, but Phil, with 3 minutes left on his clock against his opponent's 20, was delighted to force a draw - especially because by then we knew that the half point would be enough for a team victory.

On Board 2 Ben had the upper hand before losing his advantage due to a miscalculation. He may have had the stronger position when the draw was agreed - but again, Ben went for "safety first" knowing that the half point would secure a team draw at worst.

On Board 3 nothing was given away by either Roy or Tony, and when they agreed their draw theirs were the first board to finish.

The Gold Star of the evening is awared to Ken, whose victory on Board 4 was the difference between the two teams. In a tense end game, Ken got two of his pawns to the 7th rank, and this proved decisive.

Congratulations to the whole team - everyone made a crucial contribution. A cracking start to the season.