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South Hams Chess Club

2019 Summer Chess in Dartmouth

Once again, during the Summer of 2019 the Club staged two outdoor Blitz events in Dartmouth. On Thursday 27th June, 24 players played from 6:30pm until dark, with 10 minutes on the clocks; on Saturday 6th July, 18 players started at 11am (with an interruption for fish 'n' chips ordered from the Dartmouth chippy), and played 10 rounds with 15 minutes on the clocks. Both events included guests from the Plymouth, Brixham and Newton Abbot clubs.

Dartmouth Outdoor Chess
While there was a gusty wind on the Thursday, on the Saturday the weather was absolutely perfect.
Tony Tatam pairings
Tony Tatam kindly organised the Swiss pairings - with his usual skill and efficiency.
2019 Dartmouth Outdoor Players
The background is certainly prettier than the foreground in this photograph.
2019 Dartmouth Steve Levy winner
Steve Levy won the Saturday competition and was presented with a bottle of wine by Tony.

James Schofield won the Thursday event with 6½ out of 7, pipping Steve Levy by half a point. On the Saturday, Steve took advantage of James' absence and convincingly won with 9½ out of 10. Congratulations to both players.

With thanks to Mike Cuggy, more photos are on the Brixham Chess Club website.

Tony Tatam has posted the cross-tables for both events on the UTU Swiss Results website. Click here for Thursday 27th June, and click here for Saturday 6th July.