South Hams Chess Club
South Hams Chess Club

Homan League 2020-21

Congratulations to Steve Levy on becoming Club Champion for the 2020-21 season.

Please visit the 2020-21 overview of internal competitions for an explanation of the Homan League.

The players playing in the Homan League for the first half of the 2020-21 season were:
  • Steve Levy (Club Champion)
  • David Archer
  • James Schofield
  • Phil McConnell
  • Chris Willcox
  • Alan Davies
  • Cliff Peach
  • Quentin Thwaites
  • Trevor Hurt
  • Tony Tatam
  • Arthur Doble
  • James Fowler
  • Ken Ashby
  • Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas has opted out for the second half of the season. Quentin Thwaites' ECF rating is an estimate purely for the purposes of the club competitions; all other players have an official ECF rating.

Club Championship Playoffs

The semi-finals and final for the Club Championships are competed between
  • the first qualifier from the first half of the season (James Schofield) vs the second qualifier from the second half of the season (David Archer)
  • the second qualifier from the first half of the season (Steve levy) vs the first qualifier from the second half of the season (Phil McConnell)
Semi FinalsFinalClub Champion
James Schofield David Archer Steve Levy
David Archer
Phil McConnell Steve Levy
Steve Levy

The semi-finals and final are all played over two games, with colours reversed in the second game.

17 May 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
20 May 2021Levy, Steve (2065)½-½McConnell, Phil (1623)View
20 May 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Schofield, James (1908)View
28 May 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Archer, David (1998)Submit
01 Jun 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Schofield, James (1908)View
10 Jun 2021Archer, David (1998)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
30 Jun 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Archer, David (1998)View

Current Results Matrix for 2nd Half of 2020-21 Season

Levy, Steve20651-1-1-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-12172222
McConnell, Phil16230-00-11-01-00-11-10-½1-11-11-11-11-1142.752416½
Schofield, James1908-0-1-1-½--11-11-11-11-11-11-1128.251715½
Archer, David19980-01-0-1-11-½-11-11-11-11-01-1-138.51914½
Thwaites, Quentin16000-01-0½-00-01-0½-½½-11-11-½1-1½-11-½115.252413½
Willcox, Chris15850-00-1-½-01-00-11-11-00-½1-11-11-1111.52213
Tatam, Tony14500-00-00-0-½-½0-1½-1½-½½-11-1½-½1-½842210½
Doble, Arthur14200-0½-10-00-00-½0-00-½1-½1-11-11-½½-½85.52410½
Ashby, Ken13830-00-00-00-00-01-0½-½½-00-1½-11-01-½56.7524
Fowler, James13980-00-00-00-0½-0½-10-½0-00-11-01-0½-½5524
Hurt, Trevor14500-00-00-01-00-00-00-00-00-½1-01-11-½42.25246
Davies, Alan15400-00-00-0-00-½0-0½-½½-01-01-00-0½-½41.5235
Peach, Cliff15250-00-00-0-0½-00-0½-0½-½½-0½-½½-0½-½40.75235
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes. The NSB column is the Neustadtl Sonneborn–Berger tie-break score.

Current Leaderboard for 2nd Half of 2020-21 Season

NameRatingECFPWDLAve OpPerf%PtsSI
Thwaites, Quentin1676340039G2410771612166256.313.500135563000001662
McConnell, Phil1623285386D2416171617176768.816.500165688000001767
Schofield, James1908310014F1715111499182891.215.500155912000001828
Davies, Alan1540304962A2326151607138121.75.000050217000001381
Archer, David1998300734A1914141560177076.314.500145763000001770
Ashby, Ken1383181837F2455141637148731.37.500075313000001487
Levy, Steve2065134450L22220015501950100.022.0002201000000001950
Doble, Arthur1420315610C2477101633158343.810.500105438000001583
Hurt, Trevor1450316056H2452171631143125.06.000060250000001431
Tatam, Tony1450134693D226971602158347.710.500105477000001583
Peach, Cliff1525116851E23010131605137921.75.000050217000001379
Fowler, James1398277497F2445151635145227.16.500065271000001452
Willcox, Chris1585308555H2212281593166659.113.000130591000001666

Final Results Matrix for 1st Half of 2020-21 Season

Schofield, James1908-½1-1-11-11-10-½½-11-½1-11-11-½-11-1343.52319½
Levy, Steve2065½-1-1-11-11-11-1-½-11-11-1-1-11-1417.752019
Archer, David1998-0-01-11-00-11-01-11-11-10-0½-11-1-12832315½
McConnell, Phil16230-00-00-0½-½1-1½-01-11-½1-00-11-11-01-1290.52614
Tatam, Tony14500-00-01-0½-½1-1½-½1-½½-½½-½-½-½1-1½-1220.752413
Hurt, Trevor14500-00-00-10-00-01-01-½-1½1-01-11-10-11-1157.752613
Thwaites, Quentin1676½-1-01-01-½½-½1-01-0½-½1-½1---½-½266.52011½
Doble, Arthur14200-½-00-00-0½-0½-01-01-11-1-1-1-1½-½193.52210½
Davies, Alan1540½-00-½0-0½-0½-½0½-½-½0-0½-00-½-01-1½-½127258
Ashby, Ken13830-00-00-01-0½-½1-0½-00-01-½0-0½-½0-½1-½144268
Willcox, Chris15850-0-01-10-1-0-0-0--11-1---½204.514
Fowler, James1398½-00-00-½0-0½-½0-0-0-01-½½-½-1-00-1119.522
Thomas, Richard12550-0--01-00-00-1-0-0-0½-1-1-01-½54.5186
Peach, Cliff15250-00-00-00-00-½0-0½-½½-½½-½½-0½-0-1½-0101256
Results with white are before the dashes; results with black are after the dashes. The NSB column is the Neustadtl Sonneborn–Berger tie-break score.

Final Leaderboard for 1st Half of 2020-21 Season

NameRatingECFPWDLAve OpPerf%PtsSI
Thwaites, Quentin1676340039G207941612167257.511.500115575000001672
Willcox, Chris1585308555H146171681165246.46.500065464000001652
Schofield, James1908310014F2317511540181884.819.500195848000001818
Thomas, Richard1255313010B1852111563142933.36.000060333000001429
Doble, Arthur1420315610C228591601158347.710.500105477000001583
Levy, Steve2065134450L2018201529188995.019.000190950000001889
Davies, Alan1540304962A25212111595145132.08.000080320000001451
Hurt, Trevor1450316056H26122121602160250.013.000130500000001602
Ashby, Ken1383181837F2648141607145330.88.000080308000001453
McConnell, Phil1623285386D26124101589161953.814.000140538000001619
Peach, Cliff1525116851E25110141597138924.06.000060240000001389
Archer, David1998300734A2315171536167567.415.500155674000001675
Tatam, Tony1450134693D2471251603163754.213.000130542000001637
Fowler, James1398277497F2237121602143829.56.500065295000001438

Individual Game Results

The individual game results in the Homan League for the first part of the 2020-21 season are set out below. To limit the display to games involving a particular player, start typing that player's name in the "Filter" box.

03 Sep 2020Fowler, James (1398)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
03 Sep 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
03 Sep 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
05 Sep 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Fowler, James (1398)View
08 Sep 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
10 Sep 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
10 Sep 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
10 Sep 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
10 Sep 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
10 Sep 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
15 Sep 2020Fowler, James (1398)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
17 Sep 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
17 Sep 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)½-½Fowler, James (1398)View
17 Sep 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
17 Sep 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
22 Sep 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
22 Sep 2020Archer, David (1998)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)View
24 Sep 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
24 Sep 2020Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
24 Sep 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
24 Sep 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Thomas, Richard (1255)View
29 Sep 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
29 Sep 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Archer, David (1998)View
01 Oct 2020Archer, David (1998)½-½Fowler, James (1398)View
01 Oct 2020Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)View
01 Oct 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
01 Oct 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Thomas, Richard (1255)View
01 Oct 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
01 Oct 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
06 Oct 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
06 Oct 2020Fowler, James (1398)0-1Peach, Cliff (1525)View
08 Oct 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
08 Oct 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
08 Oct 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
08 Oct 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Fowler, James (1398)View
13 Oct 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
15 Oct 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
15 Oct 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
15 Oct 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)Submit
15 Oct 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)View
15 Oct 2020Levy, Steve (2065)½-½Schofield, James (1908)View
19 Oct 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
19 Oct 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)View
20 Oct 2020Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
22 Oct 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
22 Oct 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
22 Oct 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
22 Oct 2020Fowler, James (1398)1-0Thomas, Richard (1255)View
23 Oct 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
27 Oct 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
27 Oct 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
27 Oct 2020Fowler, James (1398)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
29 Oct 2020Fowler, James (1398)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
29 Oct 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
29 Oct 2020Davies, Alan (1540)1-0Thomas, Richard (1255)View
29 Oct 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
29 Oct 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
30 Oct 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
30 Oct 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
03 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)View
03 Nov 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Schofield, James (1908)Submit
05 Nov 2020Fowler, James (1398)½-½Schofield, James (1908)View
05 Nov 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
05 Nov 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Thomas, Richard (1255)View
05 Nov 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
05 Nov 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
05 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
09 Nov 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½McConnell, Phil (1623)View
10 Nov 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Fowler, James (1398)Submit
10 Nov 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)Submit
10 Nov 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)0-1Davies, Alan (1540)View
12 Nov 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
12 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½McConnell, Phil (1623)View
12 Nov 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
12 Nov 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
12 Nov 2020Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
16 Nov 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)½-½Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
16 Nov 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
17 Nov 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
17 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)View
17 Nov 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)Submit
18 Nov 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
19 Nov 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
19 Nov 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)Submit
19 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
19 Nov 2020Fowler, James (1398)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)Submit
19 Nov 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)View
19 Nov 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
21 Nov 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
22 Nov 2020Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
23 Nov 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Thomas, Richard (1255)View
23 Nov 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)Submit
23 Nov 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Tatam, Tony (1450)View
24 Nov 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
24 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Fowler, James (1398)View
24 Nov 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
24 Nov 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
24 Nov 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
25 Nov 2020Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Archer, David (1998)Submit
26 Nov 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
26 Nov 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
26 Nov 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
26 Nov 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Willcox, Chris (1585)View
26 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Schofield, James (1908)View
26 Nov 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
26 Nov 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)1-0Archer, David (1998)View
28 Nov 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
30 Nov 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
30 Nov 2020Archer, David (1998)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
01 Dec 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
01 Dec 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
01 Dec 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
01 Dec 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Thomas, Richard (1255)View
01 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Archer, David (1998)Submit
02 Dec 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
02 Dec 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)View
03 Dec 2020Fowler, James (1398)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
03 Dec 2020Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)View
03 Dec 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)1-0Thomas, Richard (1255)View
03 Dec 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
03 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)View
05 Dec 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)View
06 Dec 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
07 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Tatam, Tony (1450)View
07 Dec 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
08 Dec 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
08 Dec 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Schofield, James (1908)Submit
08 Dec 2020Thomas, Richard (1255)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
10 Dec 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
10 Dec 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
10 Dec 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
10 Dec 2020Fowler, James (1398)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
10 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)0-1Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
11 Dec 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
12 Dec 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)View
13 Dec 2020Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Archer, David (1998)View
14 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
14 Dec 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
15 Dec 2020McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
15 Dec 2020Fowler, James (1398)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)Submit
15 Dec 2020Levy, Steve (2065)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
15 Dec 2020Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1Schofield, James (1908)Submit
15 Dec 2020Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)View
16 Dec 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)Submit
16 Dec 2020Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Schofield, James (1908)Submit
16 Dec 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Tatam, Tony (1450)View
17 Dec 2020Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)Submit
17 Dec 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
17 Dec 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
17 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)Submit
17 Dec 2020Archer, David (1998)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
18 Dec 2020Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
20 Dec 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)Submit
21 Dec 2020Schofield, James (1908)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)Submit
21 Dec 2020Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)Submit
22 Dec 2020Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
22 Dec 2020Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
07 Jan 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1Fowler, James (1398)View
07 Jan 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
07 Jan 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)View
07 Jan 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
07 Jan 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
07 Jan 2021Schofield, James (1908)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
11 Jan 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)View
11 Jan 2021Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
12 Jan 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Fowler, James (1398)View
12 Jan 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)Submit
12 Jan 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
14 Jan 2021Fowler, James (1398)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
14 Jan 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
14 Jan 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
14 Jan 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)View
14 Jan 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)Submit
14 Jan 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Schofield, James (1908)View
18 Jan 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)View
19 Jan 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
19 Jan 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
19 Jan 2021Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
19 Jan 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
21 Jan 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
21 Jan 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
21 Jan 2021Fowler, James (1398)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
21 Jan 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
21 Jan 2021Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)View
21 Jan 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)View
24 Jan 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Ashby, Ken (1383)View
26 Jan 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
26 Jan 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)½-½McConnell, Phil (1623)View
26 Jan 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
26 Jan 2021Archer, David (1998)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
27 Jan 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
28 Jan 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Fowler, James (1398)Submit
28 Jan 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
28 Jan 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
28 Jan 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
29 Jan 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)View
01 Feb 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
01 Feb 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
02 Feb 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
02 Feb 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
04 Feb 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)View
04 Feb 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
04 Feb 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
04 Feb 2021Davies, Alan (1540)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
04 Feb 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
04 Feb 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
07 Feb 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
09 Feb 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
09 Feb 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
09 Feb 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Archer, David (1998)View
09 Feb 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
10 Feb 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Fowler, James (1398)Submit
11 Feb 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
11 Feb 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
11 Feb 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)Submit
12 Feb 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
14 Feb 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
16 Feb 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
16 Feb 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
16 Feb 2021Fowler, James (1398)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
18 Feb 2021Fowler, James (1398)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)View
18 Feb 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
18 Feb 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
18 Feb 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
18 Feb 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
19 Feb 2021Fowler, James (1398)½-½Willcox, Chris (1585)Submit
22 Feb 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
23 Feb 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)Submit
25 Feb 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1Ashby, Ken (1383)View
25 Feb 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
25 Feb 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1Tatam, Tony (1450)View
25 Feb 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)View
25 Feb 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)Submit
01 Mar 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)Submit
02 Mar 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0McConnell, Phil (1623)View
02 Mar 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)½-½Tatam, Tony (1450)View
03 Mar 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
04 Mar 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
04 Mar 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Davies, Alan (1540)View
04 Mar 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
04 Mar 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
04 Mar 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)View
05 Mar 2021Davies, Alan (1540)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
08 Mar 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
09 Mar 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
09 Mar 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
09 Mar 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)½-½Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
10 Mar 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Tatam, Tony (1450)View
11 Mar 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1Schofield, James (1908)Submit
11 Mar 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)View
11 Mar 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Ashby, Ken (1383)View
11 Mar 2021Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
11 Mar 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
14 Mar 2021Davies, Alan (1540)½-½Peach, Cliff (1525)View
15 Mar 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
16 Mar 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
16 Mar 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1Archer, David (1998)Submit
16 Mar 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
18 Mar 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
18 Mar 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
18 Mar 2021Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Willcox, Chris (1585)Submit
18 Mar 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
18 Mar 2021Doble, Arthur (1420)0-1Schofield, James (1908)Submit
18 Mar 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
22 Mar 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
23 Mar 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)1-0Davies, Alan (1540)View
24 Mar 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Tatam, Tony (1450)View
25 Mar 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Fowler, James (1398)Submit
25 Mar 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
25 Mar 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
25 Mar 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
25 Mar 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
25 Mar 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
28 Mar 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)Submit
30 Mar 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)0-1Levy, Steve (2065)View
30 Mar 2021Fowler, James (1398)0-1Doble, Arthur (1420)Submit
30 Mar 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
30 Mar 2021Davies, Alan (1540)0-1McConnell, Phil (1623)View
01 Apr 2021Hurt, Trevor (1450)1-0Fowler, James (1398)View
01 Apr 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)½-½Doble, Arthur (1420)View
01 Apr 2021Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
01 Apr 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
01 Apr 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
05 Apr 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
06 Apr 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1676)View
06 Apr 2021Peach, Cliff (1525)½-½Fowler, James (1398)Submit
06 Apr 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)View
08 Apr 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Fowler, James (1398)Submit
08 Apr 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)1-0Hurt, Trevor (1450)View
13 Apr 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1676)0-1Archer, David (1998)View
15 Apr 2021Levy, Steve (2065)1-0Archer, David (1998)View
19 Apr 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)0-1Schofield, James (1908)Submit
22 Apr 2021Davies, Alan (1540)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
29 Apr 2021Tatam, Tony (1450)0-1Schofield, James (1908)View
29 Apr 2021Ashby, Ken (1383)0-1Archer, David (1998)Submit
04 May 2021Thwaites, Quentin (1600)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)View
05 May 2021McConnell, Phil (1623)1-0Archer, David (1998)View
06 May 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Peach, Cliff (1525)Submit
10 May 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Doble, Arthur (1420)View
11 May 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Willcox, Chris (1585)View
12 May 2021Willcox, Chris (1585)½-½Archer, David (1998)Submit
13 May 2021Schofield, James (1908)1-0Ashby, Ken (1383)Submit
13 May 2021Archer, David (1998)1-0Thwaites, Quentin (1600)View