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Final Standings in Club Competitions for 2014-15

Following Ben's defeat of Cliff in the Homan League on 27th April, we now have the final standings in the internal club competitions.

Homan League

Final Standings are as follows.

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts
McConnell, Phil102285386D641111514075.004.5
Wilkinson, Ben129162703L632110612266.704.0
Peach, Cliff110116851E613211210441.702.5
Fowler, James105277497F60241148016.701.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
McConnell, Phil102641111514075.004.5
Wilkinson, Ben129632110612266.704.0
Peach, Cliff110613211210441.702.5
Fowler, James10560241148016.701.0

This means that Phil McConnell is the Homan League winner for 2014-15 - and is thus the "Club Champion". (It might have been a different story if Dennis Russell had been able to play his games!)

Dunleavy League

This is how the table finished up:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Def PtsPts
Archer, David90300734A660073123116.717.0
Best, Barclay90233494L4211799162.502.5
Greenhalgh, Roy97134641G9513728961.105.5
Ashby, Ken83181837F10604567560.006.0
Collins, Tony78173334F8305715937.503.0
Sweetman, Barry56285526E7106733914.301.0
McCammont, Anderson296727D6105661916.701.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%DefPts
Archer, David90660073123116.717.0
Best, Barclay904211799162.502.5
Greenhalgh, Roy979513728961.105.5
Ashby, Ken8310604567560.006.0
Collins, Tony788305715937.503.0
Sweetman, Barry567106733914.301.0
McCammont, Anderson6105661916.701.0

Many congratulations to the winner David on his impressive 100% record, and to Ken on achieving a hard-fought second place.

Promotion and Relegation

If the same completion format is retained in 2015-16, and no highly-graded new players enter the leagues, then for the first half of next season:

  • Dennis and James will be relegated to the Dunleavy League
  • David and Ken will be promoted to the Homan League
  • Cliff will play Roy in a play-off to determine the fifth player in the Homan League.

Cookworthy Cup

As previously announced, James Fowler and Barclay Best finished 1 - 1 after the two-legged final, which means they share the Cookworthy Cup. They both got some excellent wins on their way to the final - congratulations to both.

Challengers League

The Challengers League provides an opportunity for members to play graded games on evenings when they aren't involved in a match or one of the above competitions. It finished thus:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Pts
McConnell, Phil102285386D220095145100.02.0
Wilkinson, Ben129162703L110083133100.01.0
Greenhalgh, Roy97134641G211010312875.01.5
Archer, David90300734A311110810850.01.5
Fowler, James105277497F21104910675.01.5
Russell, Dennis112214868H1010909050.00.5
McCammont, Anderson296727D33003383100.03.0
Collins, Tony78173334F22002878100.02.0
Ashby, Ken83181837F1001129730.00.0
Peach, Cliff110116851E100190400.00.0
Belli, John100300901E300366360.00.0
Sweetman, Barry56285526E100178280.00.0
Drake, Derek299675D40044600.00.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%Pts
Levy, Steve18429214413818779.323.0
Cowley, Dennis18317105213317873.512.5
Archer, David16624182412016879.219.0
Schofield, James14825184312716280.020.0
Dickinson, Steve14126134913114957.715.0
Wilkinson, Ben141950412713655.65.0
McConnell, Phil123251121212312048.012.0
Davies, Alan106311361211911551.616.0
Greenhalgh, Roy104251041111410548.012.0
Peach, Cliff104151861239933.35.0
Hurt, Trevor9624121111039952.112.5
Doble, Arthur93197481069647.49.0
Fowler, James9528104141049442.912.0
Ashby, Ken982262141179231.87.0
Sweetman, Barry602082101018345.09.0
Thomas, Richard701961121108034.26.5
Collins, Tony67161114104519.41.5
, 0000000.00.0

So congratulations to Anderson as the winner of the Challengers League, with 3 wins from 3 games. Anderson will be off to university next season - but we all hope we'll see him at the club during the university vacations.

M. Wray Shield

The M. Wray Shield is a league competition for a competition for the players entered into the Preliminary Competition of the Cookworthy Cup. It finished thus:

NameGradeECFPWDLAve OpPerf%Pts
Ashby, Ken83181837F2200072100.02.0
McCammont, Anderson296727D1100050100.01.0
Collins, Tony78173334F1100050100.01.0
Drake, Derek299675D40046100.00.0
NameGradePWDLAve OpPerf%Pts
Ashby, Ken832200072100.02.0
McCammont, Anderson1100050100.01.0
Collins, Tony781100050100.01.0
Drake, Derek40046100.00.0

Congratulations to the winner: Ken


The club is very grateful to Cliff for devising and organising this year's competitions. By general consensus these competitions have been a great success - the club has had a terrific sense of fun and energy during this season.